From top: A Kurdistan family of six who have been living in a tent in Piraeus port, Athens in Greece for more than 40 days; European Council president Donald Tusk

Ahead of his and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to a refugee camp in Gaziantep, Turkey tomorrow, the president of the European Council, in today’s Guardian, writes:

Only strong states are capable of supporting those in need on a large scale, without the risk of self-destruction.

Tough policies do not rule out humanitarian goals – quite the opposite: only determined policies enable their implementation. If we want Europe to remain open and tolerant, we can no longer allow ourselves to be helpless.

We need the solidarity and determination of all member states in every aspect of migration policy: relocation, humanitarian aid, external actions, and most crucially protecting our external borders.

What is at stake is not only the future of Schengen, but the future of our community.

Recent experience with Turkey shows that Europe must set clear limits to its concessions. We can negotiate money but never our values.

We cannot impose our standards on the rest of the world. Equally, others cannot impose their standards on us.

Our freedoms, including freedom of expression, will not be part of political bargaining with any partner. The Turkish president must heed this message.

By being tough on migration Europe can also be humane (Donald Tusk, The Guardian)

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One Love

Pic: MSF Sea

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4 thoughts on “Tough Love

  1. Cromuel

    Then I go to my brother
    And I say, “Brother, help me please.”
    But he winds up knockin’ me
    Back down on my knees…

    1. a3katie

      Not sure if that was meant for the Golden Discs post but those words apply so well here! So so sad

      We’ll look back in 10-20 yrs & people will say – how could this happen? Why did nobody do anything? Why did nobody help them? Governments failed them & most of the public failed them. And I sat at my desk & read the news again. And did nothing. Just became more & more sad about it all. But did nothing :(

      1. realPolithicks

        I agree with you 100% and would add the Irish system of direct provision for refugees to the pot.

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