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Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come

Stephen Fagan wins a €20 [TWENTY Euros!]] voucher to spend on vinyl (or other formats)  at any Golden Discs store nationwide. Stephen selected the 1964 civil rights anthem because ” the vocals, arrangement, and sentiment of the song are all amazing”.

Bubblin’ under:

Mourinho: “Please play any Chris Cornell because he’s in town next week and I’ll be up to the city to catch the gig and spend the voucher.”

Niallo: “Please play Stay With Me by The Faces because it rocks and also maybe it will give our few remaining artists the sheer willpower to not pop their clogs, anymore, please. Apart from robbie williams, because well, Robbie Williams.

Ken Little: “Anything from 12 Gold Bars from Status Quo, ’cause it’s noon, 12… also my first vinyl purchase back in the day. No trolling – when your only 9 years old, Status Quo was cool, or so I keep telling myself…”

Gordon: “Please play Nick Cave ‘The Weeping Song’ because Prince died.

Lorcan Nagle: “Please play Xorcist’s cover of 1999 by Prince because you may as well do something a little different while saluting his memory.”

Mikeyfex:Please play CCR’s The Midnight Special because it’s been running around in my head since the movie of a similar name was released recently and there’s something about Creedence on a sunny day.”

Thanks all.

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9 thoughts on “We’re Playing Your Song

    1. Mikeyfex

      Ya, can’t argue.

      (It’s recurring now so I’ll point out there’s no ‘c’ in my name)

  1. dav

    Please play – Morrissey, “Margaret on the Guillotine” , because thatcherite pond life on this site must be ridiculed.

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