21 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

  1. dyladd

    Can’t wait to read the exclusive investigative journalism by the Express….and the Sunday Express no less!

  2. Walter-Ego

    Zappone is another example of all that is wrong with Irish politics. She’s perfect for the “What’s in it for me” Fine Gael party. She should join them.

      1. Walter-Ego

        Front page of the Sunday Times. She is economical with the truth in order to claim extra travel expenses. The “what’s in it for me” party would be perfect for her.

          1. joe

            where does it say that? she lives within the 25km range/limit, so she isn’t entitled to it.. but, she’ll get a pass because she’s a woman. how is this case any different to that callelly guy? it isn’t..

    1. Kieran NYC

      Unlike the crooks who would support any government as long as they paved Kerry with gold.

      Or the demagogue Paul Murphy who would sacrifice his own mother before having to do anything constructive.

  3. some old queen

    Independent: Now FF and FG gear up for election.

    Speculation of course. The real problem with another election is from a canvasser’s perspective, it is likely to be a case of ‘war broke out but nobody turned up’. Their door to door sales people may be very light on the ground this time around as both their messages will be variations on the ‘keep voting til you get it right’ theme.

    Irish Times: Obama says North’s ‘tribal mentalities’ breaking down.

    No mention of the tribal mentalities in the south which are just as deeply ingrained it appears.

    1. Jimmy 2 tones

      FG are going to loose seats at the next election big time. It’s all about the corrupt set up of Irish water & selling it off to line the own pockets, it’s fairly obvious the people want a referendum on it & FF know this.

      1. some old queen

        So let’s kick off an online campaign for a water referendum.

        How does #H2O grab ya?

  4. Old Bawn

    Sunday World: ” the cream of Ireland’s underworld families”. FFS. If there was less organized crime in Ireland, what would they write about? It would be an existential crisis for the paper, similar to that faced by the Sindo when Katy French died.

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