A Limerick A 100 Years Ago Today



Sinn Féin’s 1916 commemoration outside the GPO this morning

A moustachiode fellow named Clarke
Who found insurrection a lark
Said “Beating the Brits
May sound tricky but it’s
Like taking a walk in the park.”

John Moynes


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3 thoughts on “A Limerick A 100 Years Ago Today

  1. Funster Fionnanánn

    A few fellas in uniforms, flag, wreath repeat. I am especially enjoying the kids dressed up as rebels and holding fake guns around the country. That’s really commemorating.

    Is this going on until December?

  2. Truth in the News

    The real fakes are the two parties that deserted the Sinn Fein party in the 1920’s
    and now between them can’t amalgmate in order to form a Government. what is
    more of a surprise, the huge gathering, if the clowns mumbling and postering in
    the hollowed halls of TCD don’t do anything this week, its time the people to acted
    with a huge demonstration outside the GPO and called their bluff.

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