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Behold: the Zero FXS electric motorcycle – powered by dual option 46bhp battery systems ( 3.6kWh and 7.2kWh) with a 160km range on a full charge and serious acceleration on tap for a bike weighing around 136kg.

Yours for just under €7,500.


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Barbara Motorcycle Concepts will take a photograph of your hog and (via Photoshop) give life to your vision, from a simple saddle change to a complete fantasy rebuild.

No actual bikes, just dreams.


Brake-Free-Smart-Helmet-Attachment-1 Brake-Free-Smart-Helmet-Attachment

Brake Free – an autonomous LED brake light that attaches to the back of a biker’s helmet, activating when internal sensors detect deceleration.

Currently funding (and available to pre-order) on Indiegogo.


confederate-g2-p51-combat-fighter-concept-designboom-01-818x409 confederate-g2-p51-combat-fighter-concept-designboom-02-818x409 confederate-g2-p51-combat-fighter-concept-designboom-03-818x409 confederate-g2-p51-combat-fighter-concept-designboom-04-818x409 confederate-g2-p51-combat-fighter-concept-designboom-05-818x409

Behold: the G2P51 concept motorcycle by manufacturer Confederate – a lightweight aluminium ‘musclebike’ due for release in a limited edition of 61 blonde metal and anodised black finishes.


Is the sound it will make.