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The Dublin Port Tunnel

At Dublin City Council this evening, independent Cllr Niall Ring will propose renaming the port tunnel after 1916 hero Tom Clarke.

21st Century Citizen writes:

Persons suffering from 1916 fatigue may wearily note that Dublin port is our major trading link to our nearest neighbor and should be seen as a symbol of cooperation & friendship, rather than division and you-shot-my-grandpaism. Irish visitors rolling off the ferry in Holyhead for their abortions might not feel so welcome joining the Louis Mountbatten orbital ring-road.
It being too late to propose a counter-motion calling for immurement in same (and aptly named Dublin Port Tunnel – a tunnel serving Dublin Port) as penalty for incitement to wave flags in the faces of visitors – Broadsheet readers may wish to drop an email to their local Councillor to express any feelings on the matter. Your local Councillors are here