15 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. Tish Mahorey

    Yeah. It’s Gaelic coffee made with Scotch. The Scots are Gaels too.

    They’re not calling it Irish coffee.

  2. garrfunkel

    I’d be more annoyed that the one at the top is marked as Swedish and has Bailey’s in it.

  3. Daddy Wilson

    So … The menu states “Like it’s Irish cousin….” so it’s not an Irish Coffee.
    Jumping the gun there champ.

  4. Gah!

    Broadsheet, please stop with these posts from people getting outraged at non-existent slights or offended when they pay €6.95 for a pint in a known tourist trap. They are just tedious at this stage. Move on, people!

      1. They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

        hahaha – like most of you gimps have jobs?

        very good

  5. Optimus Grime

    Jesus must everything be an outrage these days? Sure you can’t call a bin bag black!

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