You May Like This: Myles Manley



Myles Manleytouring Ireland this weekend

1. Emerging from Sligo, Myles Manley is a songwriter that is Ireland’s (definitely-not-self-proclaimed) “foremost highbrow, underground popstar”.

2. He’s grand for a tune, though – past the sarky sense of humour lies a penchant for pop goodness, as ably demonstrated in debut album Greatest Hits 2012-2013 and last year’s More Songs. It’s translated to UK, European and Russian touring, as well as love from BBC Radio 1 and the Irish music media.

Streaming above is the Arsenal-tastic vid for Pay Me What I’m Worth, described by Radio 1’s Phil Taggart as “an anthem for anyone who works below middle management”. ***NSFW bit at the end.***

4. He’s playing a free gig at the Triskel Arts Centre in Cork this Friday 13. He’s also at Broken Home in Galway on the 14th, and the Swagman in Sligo on the 15th.

Verdict: World-weary troubadour, or grinning smart-alec with an ear for pop? Worth the while to find out in a live environment.

Myles Manley

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14 thoughts on “You May Like This: Myles Manley

    1. Irlandesa

      Please! I like this one, and I have been listening to Easter Monday since it was featured here, but I can barely catch a few words of either.

      This song is a good 2 minutes too short.

    1. Hank

      Me too – wasn’t expecting him to get such a positive reaction here though.
      Good start to the week – sunshine and Myles..

  1. Cromuel

    Catchy. If only he had good diction we could hear what he’s saying.

    Anyone got the lyrics?

  2. Enn

    I feel I might be Myles Manley’s secret Biggest Ever Fan to the degree that both he and I should probably be a little concerned.

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