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Children from the Tenters, Dublin 8 taking part in the Dublin Inner City Games, 1978

Donger writes:

Your help would be greatly appreciated. I’m considering buying a house in the Tenters [a section of The Liberties], Dublin 8. I’m familiar with some of the surrounding neighbourhoods but not so familiar with the Tenters. I have noticed various posts over the years featuring the area so I’m guessing some of your readers do or have lived there. Any feedback, or thoughts on the area would be great.


Pic: Dublin City Council

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  1. shytehawke

    I’ve lived in the Tenters for nearly four years and I have almost nothing but good things to say about it.
    The positives are
    – proximity to town
    – It’s quiet
    – there is a genuine sense of community, neighbours look out for neighbours etc.
    – There are an increasing amount of good cafes and restaurants in the area. Also Fallons does a great pint of Guinness.
    – Well served by bus routes and the green and red lines are within walking distance

    – it can be dirty, there is some flytipping and a bad problem with dog crap on the streets
    – lack of green space. If you have young kids there’s not many spaces for them to play or kick a ball
    – Building projects. there’s plans for a hotel behind Newmarket in the Tenters which I believe will adversely affect the character of the area and judging by the plan will be an eyesore and obviously bring increased traffic through the residential streets.

    All things considered I would not discourage anyone from buying here. It’s a great area

    1. Clampers Outside!

      I’m in D8 up by James’ St. for 20yrs. Stone’s throw away.

      I’d +1 all of this comment, bar the building developments adversely affecting character, I welcome the developments, but that’s just IMO :)

      The whole D8 area is on the up again having stalled like everything else in 2008/9.

  2. Guy Bague

    Great spot, with plenty of Liberties tradition. From thence comes the expression “tenter hooks”. It’s still up and coming but sadly being gentrified by Wojtek, Francois, and Sorcha from the tech import/startup hipster HUYA brigade who cannot empathize with the concept of “local” or “community”. The decline in standards is best represented by the serially appalling “Fumbally” nearby.

    Nearby New Square market is great. Shame about the faux heritage distilleries and the woeful Co-Op full of Labour Party types with Tá Equality Badges charging 5 Euros for an organic Avocado.

      1. Willie Banjo

        He’s right, the Liberties is going to be Nathan Barleyed and all the traditional community members will eventually be priced out the area they grew up in by gentrification.

        1. Anomanomanom

          Iv lived here all my life and i tell you the vast majority of people living in the liberties are corpo, sorry, DCC tenants so there will be no pricing out. Also it’s still far far cheaper than it was 10 years ago

  3. dylad

    Those kids from the tenters were the ones who went around town wearing quick-soup boxes as hats.

  4. Tish Mahorey

    You sound like that annoying brat in the AIB mortgage ad.

    Yeah don’t worry, it’s not too skangery at all. You won’t lose face and appear like a loser to your hipster mates.

  5. Barry the Hatchet

    Living in the Tenters at the moment and have absolutely no complaints. It’s a lovely area, nice neighbours, really quiet and feels safe walking around at night, it’s a stone’s throw away from town and there are great bars and restaurants within 5 min walking distance if you don’t want to go far. There’s a new public park due to open just behind the Tenters on Cork St this year, which will be a nice addition (if they ever get started on it). There was a bit of the usual bother at Halloween but other than that, no real anti-social behaviour to speak of. I would highly recommend it!

  6. Dirmius

    I bought a house in the Tenters near 10 years ago and couldn’t be happier. The area is great, the community is great. There’s a decent neighbourhood association who are pretty good with street reps for most roads. They organise summer street parties and Christmas carols and stuff like that but are also good if you have a gripe about parking or rubbish etc. They even dropped in chococlate for my kids at easter time.

    The area is pretty safe and I’ve not seen any issues in all the time there. There’s a few heads sometimes passing through alright but that can be expected in the city centre. Two times in 10 years I left my car unlocked and both times someone went through the glove box etc. so there you do need to be careful but I think that is true in a lot of places.

    There’s a few good schools about too. Green space is a premium but it’s not that far to walk to Stephen’s green, Harold’s cross park, St Patricks cathedral park, Sundrive park (Eamonn Ceannt Park) and of course the Phoenix park is only a short drive. Oscar square provides a small fenced area for kids to play and there’s a good community there too between parents. Plenty of dog walkers mingle there also (and usually clean up, in the square at least).

    The only issue I’ve noticed is parking can sometimes be a problem. People use my street for airport parking. I’ve seen them arrive, grab bags and then hailo a taxi, only to return 4/6 days later. There’s been a few cars ‘abandoned’ around too, but we suspect that this is actually a car dealer using the street as storage because anytime the council goes to deal with it by notice, they get moved.. Some of the streets have gone for disc parking which has pros and cons but it’s moved cars over to roads like mine that aren’ suitable for disc parking.

    Overall it’s a great area. would recommend. and as others have mentioned, town is on your doorstep (I haven’t got a taxi in years unless I want too).

  7. Spaghetti Hoop

    Glad to see inner-city communities thrive. Suburbia can kill your soul and make you dependent on shopping centres, car-parks and super-pubs. Walking into the city / or a tenner back in a taxi is a delight for Dublin city-dwellers and you don’t have to live in expensive Ranelagh to enjoy it ;)

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