43 thoughts on “The Dog Wants Out

  1. Avon Barksdale

    I have no idea if this is sarcasm or a legitimately good idea but I’m going to go with the latter and thank you for this excellent suggestion

  2. Rob_G

    On a day where temperatures won’t go higher than 17°C, and in the shade to boot(?)

  3. Simon Hall

    Depending on the Dog its perfectly ok. I know my friend whos dog loves to wait in the van for her owner to return, where in the house she would get frustrated being by herself. Window left ajar and water for her, shes completely happy!

  4. Darragh

    leaving a dog in a shady place, probably with a window slightly ajar, for an unspecified length of time (probably long enough to pop in for a pint of milk). dog does not look distressed.

    a bad post

  5. Some Dad

    It was in the Ilac centre this morning.You don’t pop into town for a pint of milk.The window was open slightly.

  6. Rob_G

    I’m beginning to miss the lad who would have obscure euphemisms for ‘feces’ printed on Nutella jars, to hilarious effect.

  7. Oz

    You don’t know what the circumstances are, or how long the dog is there for. The dog is in the shade, the window is open a bit and he doesn’t look distressed. He’s probably a much loved and cared for pet. He’s just sitting in a car waiting for someone, I’ve sat in a car and waited for someone and I didn’t see anyone in a rush to call me an ambulance. Save your clutching of pearls and outrage for something worthwhile.

    1. Condescending nana

      lol at mongo here, I’d be ok so the dog is obvs also OK too. really, David Attenborough everybody.

      1. Oz

        Ok dog expert, explain to me what the problem is with leaving a dog in a car, in the shade, in low temperatures,with the window open for a little while. Because you’ve come in fists swinging so I’m just curious if you’ve anything to back it up, or if you’re just a tit.

  8. Kieran NYC


    Just realised that we never got an update on the dog’s birthday party from a few weeks back!!!

    1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

      If I told you, you would die. It was the best thing I have ever seen. Dogs everywhere playing and leaping and SMILING and there was a dog cake and we tried a hat but that was a big no from the birthday boy.

      A downside was a dog guest ate some of my people cake but I guess that will happen if you invite a lab.

      I would recommend it highly.

      1. Kieran NYC

        *smiles quietly to myself*


        *pushes keyboard away*

        *leaves work happy in the knowledge that my day has been made*

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