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Blogger Glenn Fitzpatrick writes:

I finally got around to a second part of my looking at Millennials v ladder pullers. I tried to factor in some of the comments it generated

To wit:

Our very real concerns about the world in which we will inherit are all too often inadequately expressed for us by our elders. This happens with no great malice but under the adage that they just know better. This is how we end up with greying men closer to retirement than graduation sitting on youth committees.

The airing of Tonight with Vincent Browne (April 26 looked at the state of the Job Bridge Scheme and posed the question; who is benefiting from it?

This is undeniably an issue which largely affects young people.

Taking nothing at all away from the calibre of the speakers on the night, none of them represented a students’ union, a youth organisation or similar body that could appropriately express why Job Bridge needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history – from a youth perspective…..

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19 thoughts on “Second Generation

  1. moroccan rug dealer

    I agree…..I wish Michael Noonan would pass the reins to younger generations…not schoolteachers but accountants. Ditto GAA….is 80 year old Frank Murphy still Chairman in Cork?……give youth a chance.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Like bring Cusack back ta’ Cork
      Give over with that one

      We’re ina’nuff ‘ve a state already

  2. DubLoony

    ” the world in which we will inherit”
    Wouldn’t bank on it.

    All the crises that we have – rent, housing, childcare, lack of full time well paid work, etc affects 18-35s more than any other group. Hard for someone nearing or at retirement age to have any real empathy for those situations.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    You see I was born about two decades before this guy, therefore, all his problems are my fault. JobBridge effects all ages. That generation who bequeath you your inherited earth are caught in that system too.

    I guess one could call his piece an addendumb.
    I’ll get me coat, no, the one with diamonds on it….

    1. They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

      So far we’ve established you’re a misogynist, and now it appears you despise the young also? Who knew!

    2. MoyestWithExcitement

      “all his problems are my fault.”

      He’s not saying that at all. Jesus, clampers.

  4. Gorev Mahagut

    You want to shape the narrative, eh? Well, forget about looking for sympathy. Pensioners and the sick can look for sympathy, young people are meant to energetic and full of potential with the world at their feet. Ask for sympathy and you look like a lazy entitled whinger. So don’t do it. (I agree, young people have been screwed. But it’s a hard sell is all I’m saying).

    Don’t pitch one generation against another. That won’t work.

    What will work is the social justice angle. The cuts affect the poor disproportionately. It’s all right for the young ones with rich parents who will support them on gap years and internships, but those without a wealthy family get stuck into a poverty trap. Access to education, to housing, a day’s pay for a day’s work (f**k jobbridge); these aren’t luxuries for young people. They give everyone an equal chance to prove themselves, and stop entire generations from inheriting the poverty of their parents.

  5. Boba Fettucine

    I’m doing an MA in Political Communications and I’m being oppressed!

    Fret not, the DCU page lists all the cushy public sector / quango roles currently occupied by those with the same qualification. And potential employers of this stripe will no doubt be impressed with your ability to ‘mobilise debate across platforms with a high click-through rate’. Which of course is the point of the whole thing, isn’t it?

  6. Junkface

    Cancel the JobBridge scheme. Replace it with a proper Apprentice structure where the young employees actually get trained and paid for the work they do. This worked for generations throughout the 20th Century.

    End modern slavery

  7. rotide

    While I agree with Junkface above about apprentice schemes, none of the usual social justice diarrhea spread around these type of threads directly contradicts the fact that the company I work in has at least 6 people working on a full time wage that came from Job Bridge. These are people that are good at their jobs that would not have had the chance for these jobs if it wasn’t for job bridge. In some cases they were on the ground when a position opened up, in other cases the company realised that they actually needed someone doing what the person did.

    Please note, I don’t work in Tesco or Abrakebra. The scheme is not for jobs like that. Overseen properly, It’s a great scheme.

    I’d like to see Mr Millenial detail what he’d want in its place.

  8. Mulder

    And, is there a ehh, bit of a problem, with the climate, in that it be getting hoter than a fecking furnace.
    Not mention water shortage.
    Irish water run for the exits.
    Don`t worry President Trump, will have the, ehh, answer.
    Take cover, take cover.

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