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Blogger Glenn Fitzpatrick writes:

I finally got around to a second part of my looking at Millennials v ladder pullers. I tried to factor in some of the comments it generated

To wit:

Our very real concerns about the world in which we will inherit are all too often inadequately expressed for us by our elders. This happens with no great malice but under the adage that they just know better. This is how we end up with greying men closer to retirement than graduation sitting on youth committees.

The airing of Tonight with Vincent Browne (April 26 looked at the state of the Job Bridge Scheme and posed the question; who is benefiting from it?

This is undeniably an issue which largely affects young people.

Taking nothing at all away from the calibre of the speakers on the night, none of them represented a students’ union, a youth organisation or similar body that could appropriately express why Job Bridge needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history – from a youth perspective…..

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