The Long Tail Of The Corrib Rape Tape



“Our involvement with the pair of whistleblowers [Maurice McCabe and John Wilson] in this case actually started as a result of the protests here [against] Corrib. It was the cases of the rape tape allegations and that being brought to the public eye with the protestors with Corrib.

There was a Vincent Browne programme [TV3, April 2011]  that dealt with that issue. I was on the panel and I made some points . . . particularly about the fact that things hadn’t changed much since Donegal and the Morris [tribunal] . . . that there was a systemic problem of accountability with An Garda Síochána…

…The first whistleblower [Maurice McCabe] guard happened to be watching the TV that night said, that’s somebody who I think I could get on with, and he contacted me after that and arranged to come up to Dublin . . .

…He said he would stay in contact with us, and he did that . . . and in the summer of 2012, when we were in the news a bit and a lot of the media being incredibly negative about us, the second whistleblowing guard [John Wilson]  said, ‘God, these people seem to have a bit of backbone, I think we’ll get in touch with them again’. And this time they were ready to go public.”

Clare Daly at Who Polices the Police? conference, Inver (near Rossport) in north Mayo on November 23, 2013. The women who came forward with the tape were accused by then Minister for Justice of exploiting the words said by the guards and tampering with the editing of the  tape.

Gardaí, GSOC, ‘whistleblower reprisal’, Corrib Gas and the ‘rape tape’ (Irish Oil And Gas, February, 2014)

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14 thoughts on “The Long Tail Of The Corrib Rape Tape

  1. Cata

    The garda brutality in the Corrib case was disgusting. But no surprise unfortunately, the gardai are beyond corrupt.

        1. Jake38

          As I thought. Massively offended, totally devastated, mountain out of a molehill bullcr*p.

          1. They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab

            This reminds me of the long threads of crap being posted on here this week about the ‘criminality’ of the gardai in the O’Higgins Inquiry. I’ve learned that in lonely looney Broadsheet land it’s a crime now to even think about doing something bad.
            “I had impure thoughts Father”

        2. Nigel

          Well, it was a ‘joke’ threat of rape, wasn’t it? Policemen with women in their custody making jokes about threatening rape goes a bit beyond bad taste.

          1. rotide

            Yes, it was a ‘joke’ threat of rape. They clearly weren’t going to rape the women in question. It was a terriblly poor comment to make and I’m not making excuses for it but let’s not pretend they were about to rape anyone.

            I’m sure people will be along presently to talk about rape culture and in this context, they might actually have a point but nigel, your beating a dead horse here.

  2. Sherdy

    When these women were threatened with rape by Gardai, did they realise their captors were joking, or did they believe it to be serious?
    If the latter, then its a serious crime.
    But what sort of sick b’stard would ‘joke’ about raping someone in a vulnerable situation?

  3. Illuminati16

    Should guards not have longer training periods ?? I mean you need 4 years college education for most jobs but we throw these lads out after 9 months and let’s face it they are not the best and brightest to begin with. ..

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