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Alan NewmanPoised

What you may need to know…

01. Dublin beatmaker and video editor Alan Newman has been plugging away across numerous solo and collaborative ventures.

02. The Boss Level Series man just released Outside the Box, a new collaborative LP with Collie, following up similar efforts with Funzo and Raphtor. Available on iTunes now.

03. Streaming above is new instrumental Poised, released last week on Newman’s Soundcloud.

04. More collab efforts are planned throughout the year. Next month sees 7even Days’ Work released with KidAntics, August sees Friendly Fire out with Row-B and a returning Raphtor, while the autumn sees collabs with Siyo and Row-B.

Verdict: One of Ireland’s most productive beatsmiths at present, Newman is holding his own with an expanding range of collaborators.

Alan Newman

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  1. Gorev Mahagut

    “Collab”. Spondees are an inelegant choice for abbreviated neologisms. “Collaborations” is easier to say than “collab efforts”.

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