A Trinity Of Two


Trinity College R Within_Trinity_College_457_1024x1024(1)

Trinity College Dublin by Jim Scully (top) and Chris McMorrow (above)

Charmaine Kenny at the irish Workshop [online home for Irish made crafts and whanot] writes:

Over the past few weeks, thousands of third-level students sat what might just have been the last exam of their lives. As a memento of their college days, we see parents, family, girlfriends and boyfriends buying a painting of their university.

Two artists on The Irish Workshop have captured Trinity College beautifully and sell limited edition prints. Here is a sample of Chris McMorrow’s work: And here is a sample of Jim Scully‘s work. And yes, we need to work harder in signing up artists who paint the other universities


The Irish Workshop

Irish made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish Made Stuff’

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12 thoughts on “A Trinity Of Two

  1. Eoin

    Very nice work indeed. It’s a shame the state won’t support our artistic talent, like most people think it does.

    1. Pip

      I’d say for some “in the know” it’s a bit of a Busaras.
      You know, Modern (in the official sense) older than it looks, less ugly than we might think.

  2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    I like scrolling between the two, thinking COLD, WARM, COLD, WARM.
    It’s strangely soothing.

    The Quad in UCC is a nice building: I’d buy a painting of that.

  3. Malta

    I have many fond memories of UCD but there’s not many views I’d buy a painting of! And as for DCU…

      1. Malta

        Well, UCD has the lake and green expanses so you might be able to find a nice view of sorts, that wasn’t too taken up with concrete buildings.
        I don’t recall the DCU campus having anything that would constitute a nice view.

          1. Malta

            You got me. I’ve never been to DCU, didn’t study there and couldn’t find it. I have just randomly picked it out of all of Ireland’s non-picturesque third level institutions to have a sly dig at it for being not that pretty.

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