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Gemma O'Doherty

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From top: Gemma O’Doherty; William Campbell

Investigative journalist Gemma O’Doherty talks to Willam Campbell of the Here’s How current affairs podcast about political interference in the unsolved murder cases of Mary Boyle and Fr Niall Molloy.

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16 thoughts on “Unsolved Ireland

  1. controversial liberal

    its one of the most disturbing stories ive ever heard. and the amount of covering up is .. god.. its just unbelievable. i wish people would be held accountable. i really hate the powers that be in this country. horrible bunch of scummy rats.

  2. Martina

    A twitter troll account was set up to slag off Gemma. Some of the people who followed it were:
    Regina Doherty (yes really)
    Donal O’Keeffe
    John Lee from the Mail (who gets annoyed when you ask him about it)
    Patrick O’Connell from the Sunday World

      1. Martina

        John Lee’s response to me when queried about it showed that he certainly did. Rest are Labour or Gaelers.

        1. Kieran NYC

          Yeah I’m sure you asked him nice and politely and weren’t your usual obnoxious self.

          1. Martina

            Yes I did. You calling someone else obnoxious is laughable. Run along now good lad.

  3. phil

    This isnt bad apple stuff , I have a horrible feeling that the Gardai reflect greater society quite well.

  4. boggo

    Gemma doesnt come up With anything concrete. good podcast but nothing we dont already know. plenty of smoke and mirrors.

  5. catherine Mcentee

    @ Kieran

    How’s life in the Big Apple? Can’t be that great when you’re trolling the whole time and picking silly quarrels with any current poster.

    I notice you only ever make condedcending remarks about badatmemes when he’s not online,

    1. Kieran NYC

      Of course. You’re right. I should not be making condescending remarks about you/memes/martina or whatever demented usernames you have for yourself.

  6. Kieran NYC

    I’m not in NYC at all at all, I just wanted to sound exciting, interesting and not come across as one of those know-it-alls that have never been outside his own county. So there you have it :'(

  7. Truth in the News

    The Gemma O’Doherty interview is a revelation on the close, almost incestous
    relationship between the police and the media which ended up with her losing
    her position as journalist with the Independent, how come you never hear her being interviewed on RTE, there is something rotten at the center of Irish life in particular with policing and its begininnig to fall apart, since the Water Protests were such a success, is it not time, there was a large public demonstration on political policing

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