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The ‘smartbike’ by Amsterdam-based bike maker Vanmoof comes with unique features, lets owners never have to worry about theft again.

Eequipped with GSM and bluetooth tracking, the ‘smartbike’ will always stay connected throughout a city.

but even if a thief gets past those features, vanmoof is introducing a ‘peace of mind’ guarantee: if the bike is stolen, a recovery team will use the bike’s anti-theft tracking technology to locate and return it its rightful owner.

if they can’t recover it within two weeks, vanmoof will replace it….

Amsterdam-based bicycle maker vanmoof guarantees the smartbike outwits any robber (DesignBoom)

Specific Gravity writes:

Bold claims, but is it Dublin-proof?

13 thoughts on “Bold Claims

  1. Turgenev

    852 good-looking euros for a three-speed bike. Hmm.

    And (pick, pick), they’ll replace it, but how many times, given Dublin’s prestidigitatious felons?

    1. Kieran NYC


      If they know it’s traceable, they’ll just kick it to death instead, the ‘lovable’ scrotes.

  2. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    Will this Dutch hit-squad operate on Irish soil and guarantee your bike back?

  3. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    It’s cheaper MY way…
    Learn how to ride a unicycle!!!!!
    I don’t even bother locking mine anymore.
    Nobody ever makes it more than 20yds.

    -Unicycles are easy.!!!!!
    You can practice on the Luas tracks. It’s nearly impossible to fall off, (but do it at night time if you aren’t a strong peddler.)
    -Unicycles save you money.!!!!!
    They’re half the price of a normal bicycle, I think.
    Only half as many punctures.
    No handlebars to clean.
    No batteries for stupid lights and stuff.

    Don’t trust tricknology.
    They just want your money. Mine are free*.

    *from guarantee

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      You left out a paragraph.

      Just leave it, please.
      Don’t embarrass yourself.

  4. Tish Mahorey

    All bikes could have this. It’s just a tracking device linked to an Excel file.

      1. Pixxyman

        Because when they get nicked you’ve to buy a new one..

        I hope that recovery team would have license to issue a right kicking upon recovery..

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