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In Drumcondra, Dublin 3.

The stationless bike-sharing scheme Bleeper Bike tweetz:

Neighbourhood watch request – Since 1 Aug we have had 14 bikes stolen from this single location. Citizens of Dub, keep an eye out for us, the thieves take 3-4 bikes at a time between 10pm – 12pm and use bolt cutters. We r working with 2 find out who is behind this.

Bleeper Bike




The ‘smartbike’ by Amsterdam-based bike maker Vanmoof comes with unique features, lets owners never have to worry about theft again.

Eequipped with GSM and bluetooth tracking, the ‘smartbike’ will always stay connected throughout a city.

but even if a thief gets past those features, vanmoof is introducing a ‘peace of mind’ guarantee: if the bike is stolen, a recovery team will use the bike’s anti-theft tracking technology to locate and return it its rightful owner.

if they can’t recover it within two weeks, vanmoof will replace it….

Amsterdam-based bicycle maker vanmoof guarantees the smartbike outwits any robber (DesignBoom)

Specific Gravity writes:

Bold claims, but is it Dublin-proof?


Nobody wants a Raleigh anymore.

They want your Giant Defying Treks.

Dublin Cycling writes:

Bike theft is a big and growing problem in Dublin. While only 4,500 bikes were reported stolen in Dublin in 2013 we know there is a big under-reporting problem and we estimate that the real figure was around 20,000. The information you will provide in this survey [link below] will be invaluable in helping us design a plan, in conjunction with the Gardai, City Council, City Planners& Bike trade, to tackle the problem

Dublin Cycling Survey