‘The People Of Doonbeg Have No Objection To Trump’s Visit’



Donald Trump arriving at Shannon Airport in May 2014

Mary Kenny, in The Irish Catholic, writes:

… But the people of Doonbeg, seem to have no objection to Mr Trump’s visit as a businessman. They acknowledge the many millions of Euros he has invested in Trump International Golf Links and Hotel, the environmental sea-wall against the Atlantic he plans to build, and the employment opportunities he has provided.

Tommy Commerford of the Doonbeg Fishman’s Alliance said he had “no problem” with Trump being in West Clare, and Caroline Kennedy, owner of the local Igoe Inn – she also runs the Doonbeg Jazz Festival – says he’ll be “welcome with open arms”.

So, whose judgement is best on this delicate issue – the politicians who have spoken, or the people of Doonbeg?

Much of what politicians say for public consumption is what is known, now, as ‘virtue signalling’. The message of their statements often means: “Look what a compassionate, high-thinking and virtuous person I am! I condemn racism, sexism and Islamophobia.” (Wasn’t there someone in the New Testament, described as being constantly at the front of the temple, virtue-signalling to everyone what models of moral conduct they were?)

But the Doonbeg people aren’t concerned with ‘virtue signalling’; they’re thinking of more basic, bread-and-butter issues, such as keeping their resort viable.

Doonbeg had seldom been heard of, outside of Ireland, until Donald Trump purchased it, making it, according to Condé Nast Traveler “the Number One [golf] resort in Europe”.

Bread-and-butter doesn’t inevitably come before ethical values. But the people of Doonbeg surely have a greater entitlement to speak on this particular question than the virtue-signalling Richard Boyd Barrett or Enda Kenny.


Political protests of Trump visit just ‘virtue signalling’ (Mary Kenny, The Irish Catholic)

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144 thoughts on “‘The People Of Doonbeg Have No Objection To Trump’s Visit’

    1. classter

      Mary Kenny’s view of what the people of Doonbeg think & what the people of Doonbeg think are not necessarily the same thing.

  1. Pretendgineer

    ” Much of what politicians say for public consumption is what is known, now, as ‘virtue signalling’. The message of their statements often means: “Look what a compassionate, high-thinking and virtuous person I am! I condemn racism, sexism and Islamophobia.” ”

    Sounds like the Catholic Church.

  2. C Sharp

    in brief:

    ‘Donald can say and do whatever he likes as long as he keeps handing over the cash.’


  3. MoyestWithExcitement

    “Bread-and-butter doesn’t inevitably come before ethical values.”

    Well. Clearly it does. This is just someone trying to reconcile their support for an unhinged psychopath, trying to tell themselves they don’t have to feel guilty for welcoming this racist misogynist. Maybe she doesn’t but she could at least show some honesty. ‘Yes, he’s a bit of an arse but he our little town relies on his money and we have mortgages and children so…’ That would have been fine.

    1. classter

      It is interesting that she is writing this in the Irish Catholic.

      Catholicism, certainly Irish Catholicism, long believed its common adherents as being above making money. Dev’s state almost took pride in being poorer that the secular or Protestant nations elsewhere. They would chase virtue mar dhea, while the heathens elsewhere would chase money.

      I often think that this fact (and the resultant failure) is why the left has found it so difficult to gain a strong foothold here. From 1926 until the mini boom of the 1960s we were very equal (equally poor), the environment was pristine and the oft-declaimed problems of materialism a distant dream.

      1. Heff

        Since the crash, any money-making, no matter how unscrupulous the origin, can be justified or explained away as being essential for survival. So much for ethics.

        1. Nigel

          In fairness this was the attitude before the crash too, with a slightly different impetus, but with a deeply ingrained fear and hatred of poverty driving it all the same.

    1. pedeyw

      Except Biff seemed like he invested his gambling money well and created a viable business instead of inheriting it and having a string of failed ones.

      1. Andy

        Yeah, billionaire Donald Trump doesn’t know how to create viable businesses (including the one in Doonebeg)…………………………………….

  4. Tony

    Of course she is right. It reminds of the D4 gowls declaiming the building of modern houses in the west when it meant that those quaint thatched cottages would be destroyed. And virtue signalling is so the thing these days..

    1. ahjayzis

      Virtue signalling is not a thing.

      It’s something right-wing loons invented.

      If you passionately defend and espouse the right to bear arms – you’re a man of conviction.

      If you passionately defend and espouse the right to privacy and bodily autonomy you’re virtue signalling.

      The difference being right-wingers agree with one and disagree with the other.

      It’s an infantile phrase for an infantile ideology.

        1. The Key of G

          Contrary to popular belief and legend the Irish Catholic hierarchy were always the de facto ruling junta in this shihthole, the Crown was just a titular head and if the penal laws did anything it was to improve Crown governance beyond the Pale

          1. classter

            That’s not true although ultimately it did cement the Church’s power by allowing it be the establishment & the oppressed underdog all at once.

      1. Tony

        And virtue signalling is so the thing. Interesting that you would put it down to a far right invention as you are one of its greatest abusers. Perhaps it doesn’t feel nice to be called out on something for a change. god knows you do it to everyone else.

        1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

          The guy who coined the phrase was a journalist for the Daily Mail, Express, the Spectator and the Telegraph who wants to abolish the NHS and the welfare state. Totally right wing.

          1. Tony

            But the people who invented it are liberal fascists who play a deceitful game of competitive compassion in order to claim a high moral ground.

          2. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            Comment 1: How could “liberal fascists” have invented it when it didn’t exist until this man made it up?

            Comment 2: Seriously?

          3. realPolithicks

            When you use a phrase like “liberal fascists” you simply expose what a moron you are.

          4. Tony

            Of course it existed. Its like saying zero didn’t exist until it was named. the behaviour has been around since the latest liberal putsch and the rise of the SJW as on here.

            The second comment refers to your constant efforts to be right on about everything, even when it sends you up cul de sacs of virtue. At least your consistency is admirable.

          5. Sheik Yahbouti

            Mmmm. ‘SJW’ just looked it up “a pejorative term”. Tell you what Tonypencild..k, I rather fancy the idea of being a Social Justice Warrior. Can see meself affixing bronze armlets to me mighty biceps, putting on me breastplate and hitching up me kilt. And when I get to taking my mighty weapon in both hands…..:-D

          6. Tony

            RealP. In what way does that expose my moronic tendencies? Care to elaborate? or just dump and leave?

          7. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            That would be sad if your opinion of me mattered in the slightest and if I didn’t think you were being controversial just for the sake of it. Like a mini Katie Hopkins – so kawaii!!

          8. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            Wait, did SJWs stem from BS? OMG TELL EVERYONE!! BS DESERVES BETTER

          9. Tony

            Of course my opinion of you doesn’t matter. However, its not sad to call out hurtful behaviour. The way that SJWs have shamed, abused, harassed and witch hunted people is the new fascism. Think like us or we will get you.

          10. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            You and Milo both eh? Been there got the T-shirt.

          11. Nigel

            All the racists, misogynists, homophobes and just plain arseholes who harass and abuse and doxx and SWAT people online will be delighted to know you’re letting them off the hook.

          12. pedeyw

            God I hate the term SJW. It always makes me think of MRA’s dudebros sending threatening tweets to any women who criticises a thing they like. Any criticism gets immediately disregarded as SJW.

          13. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            SJW is a great way of identifying people who are idiots though

          14. Tony

            In what way am Ietting anyone off the hook? You might explain that?

            Instead I am adding liberal fascism to that list of disgusting traits that you mentioned. And it is even more insidious because it comes disguised as virtue.

          15. Tony

            I know, SJW is thrown around as casually as racism, misogyny, neanderthal, catholic, non-prog, homophobes yawwwwnnnn…

          16. Nigel

            Nice of you to remember other people harass people too! That an alt-right movement is so dedicated to harassment it’s become a byword for online harassment! But Tony’s CONCERNED about virtue signalling, a phrase that fundamentally relies on mind-reading for anything like a remotely honest or accurate use!

            ‘I think sexism is bad, m’kay?’

            And Liberal fascism: the phrase based on such iron correlations as the fact that the Nazis liked organic honey.

            You could certainly criticise stupid and destructive behaviour by lefties of various stripes online – some of it is deadly toxic – but if you’re going to do it like Clampers in the other thread, by swallowing the Red Pill and utilising the language of, y’know, Gamergate and the like, then it just gets mushed up with all the other bad-faith alt-right and/or arsehole attacks on, mostly, women.

          17. Tony

            I’m glad you agree there are loony and toxic lefties out there. They deserve to get called out as do the virtue signallers. It is just plain deceitful. And very harmful in that most people leave it at signalling and do nothing to help the cause of those they claim to care about. We can have daily outrage now but it’s enough to wear a je suis Charlie, or retweet the picture of the boy on the beach or say something utterly bland about equality. That is all bullpoo but it passes for activism. If people want actual change they need to be ready to sacrifice something. Not just use it for their own advancement.

          18. Nigel

            Women are constantly harassed online viciously and horribly but Tony needs to take a stand against Je Suis Charlie badges and harrowing photographs and a nagging suspicion of insincerity and makes them his poster-children for his new fascism.

          19. Tony

            Sorry Nige, you seem to be stuck in the last thread knighting for Don. I never mentioned women. Of course I know you care more about them than me. You just signalled that quite clearly on a totally irrelevant thread.

            Now if you just explain why I’m letting these people off the hook I’d be grateful.

          20. MoyestWithExcitement

            “Sorry Nige, you seem to be stuck in the last thread knighting for Don.”

            Brilliant. You’ve got it down to a tee. I liked you better in fast show though.

            Apropos to nothing, if you enter ‘owned’ into youtube, the first 3 videos are about feminists getting owned.

          21. Nigel

            Of course you don’t mention women, or any of the other main victims of online harassment, even as you use phrases indelibly associated with the people who do the harassing. You’ve got your crusade against insincerity to fight, which is much more important! ‘Pretending’ to be against sexism is the real evil! of the modern world!

          22. MoyestWithExcitement

            Just enjoying another of your enthralling character acting performances, shnuckums.

          23. Tony

            You see Nigel you can’t justify your comment. But that’s very insightful. Because I disagree with the tsunami of pretend virtue, I am somehow protecting and promoting evil people. That is the fascism and thought policing I’m on about. You’re either with us or we will name and shame you. Dont you even see how dangerous that is? Inquisition. Crucible. Mc carthyism. Sharia. Liberalism. It’s cold man, and it’s exactly what trump is playing off and scoring on.

          24. Tony

            hello don. Back again? Sensing Nige needs a dig out. A bit patronising if you ask me, but joust away M’lady

          25. Nigel

            So people disagreeing with you is Inquicrucicarthyiarialism?

            Because I disagree with the tsunami of pretend virtue, I am somehow protecting and promoting evil people.

            When you talk about SJWs virtue signalling and white knighting you are speaking their language like a native. And someone who has dedicated themselves to the noble cause of anti-pretend-virtue is pretty much a self-appointed thought policeman by definition.

          26. Tony

            Still not answering the question Nigel? ypu don’t have one is my guess. You’ve been called on your lazy accusations and can’t actually back them up. That’s not very virtuous. Try again?

          27. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            Yes, not been able to comment as I’m underground is waiting to save Nigel….

            That is a very very very simplistic of what trump appeals to

          28. Nigel

            I’ve answered it a couple of times, actually. If you can’t grok the words, try picking it out of my brain with your magic psychic sincerity-detecting powers.

          29. MoyestWithExcitement

            Don’t listen to them, Tone. I think you play the part of angry social reject with a kneck beard and typing wrist wrap thingy superbly.

          30. MoyestWithExcitement

            I’ll be honest, I don’t know what that means. Will saying yes paint Tony in a good light? Then yes. Love you, Tone. Although the tash tickles a bit, can we talk about you maybe trimming it a smidge? xx

          31. Tony

            juat to remind you, this is what you said-

            “All the racists, misogynists, homophobes and just plain arseholes who harass and abuse and doxx and SWAT people online will be delighted to know you’re letting them off the hook.”

            In what way am I doing that?

            Because its a pretty heavy accusation to make. So if you can’t back it up, then the honourable (lets not forget Don) thing to do would be to withdraw it.

            If you dont, you accept that its ok to make random accusations with no evidence- thats where racism and all your other hates begin.

            Are you that guy Nige?

          32. Nigel

            I think I’ve made myself clear, actually. If you don’t get it maybe you should stick to accusing people you don’t know of only pretending to believe the things they say. It’s about the only level of argument you’re fit for.

          33. Tony

            No Nigel. you haven’t made yourself clear. You threw out an accusation and couldn’t back it up. This one

            “All the racists, misogynists, homophobes and just plain arseholes who harass and abuse and doxx and SWAT people online will be delighted to know you’re letting them off the hook”

            Now, for a guy who trades on his compassion and social justice platform this is a pretty lame way to behave. Accusations have consequences. They paint people, they make others feel its ok to harass them. You know all this, and yet you continue to behave in a way that even those you despise would find reprehensible.

            The next time you are going to call names and make accusations, please make sure you understand the consequences of your actions and that you have the backbone and evidence to back them up.

          34. Yep

            @ Moyest

            Hahaha. Classic. Neckbeard. A sad image of an overweight man, likely socially stunted and closed of emotionally, is always a classic dig in these internet discussions.

            You are all better than this trying to s**t on each other….Not you though Moyest. You really are a dose.

          35. Nigel

            Oh yes I did, Tony. Just because you selectively engage with other people’s responses doesn’t mean the bits you ignore don’t exist.

        2. MoyestWithExcitement

          Dig? Nah; Yap. I’m complimenting him on his fine comedic character acting. He *is* the creepy car salesman from fast show, isn’t he? I mean, he couldn’t be a real human being who thinks luke that. Nobody can have that clichéd an attitude and not be taking the pish, surely. Everyone loves a bit of tragic comedy.

      2. rotide

        I don’t know nor care what virtue signalling is but I do know that you would call people who defend and espouse rights to bodily autonomy men of conviction. Y

        You yourself would have choice words for people who defend and espouse the rights to bear arms.

        So really it’s a matter of perspective. If the right wingers are loons, then it makes you just as loony.

        1. ahjayzis

          You’ve kind of missed my point. I’ll call people all the names under the sun and vigorously condemn their opinion, it’s all in good fun and a genuine difference of opinion – because I always concede it’s their actual honestly held opinion.

          What the new far-right do is retard that debate in it’s entirety by suggesting their opponents don’t actually believe their own arguments – that they’re holding a position purely for kudos from their own side. Which is disingenuous and totally predictable from people who cannot defend their own stance.

          I honestly believe some people on here believe sectarian education based on myth and superstition is a healthy thing for Ireland, I believe ABM thinks I’m going to hell, I believe Tony is an empty vessel who absorbs opinions of writers as bitter and angry as he is – right down to their very identifiable vocabulary and speech patterns. I disagree with all of it, but I believe it’s their opinion.

          When someone won’t even concede that your opinion is your opinion there’s really absolutely no point in engaging with them.

      3. classter

        Virtue signalling may be a thing but is that so bad?

        A big part of what we become is who we want to become. There are much worse things than signalling positive, inclusive values.

          1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            Hugs Clampers but don’t become the newsjustin of feminism. You’re lovelier and better and smarter than what you’ve been posting recently.

          2. Clampers Outside!

            It’s a bit freaky allowing bottled crap out. It’s like someone shook the fizzy kool-aid Hah! ….it just goes everywhere!
            One might say I’ve been exorcising a few demons (something I will also be doing again, professionally). Being ruled by emotion is not healthy, emotional intelligence does not equal sensitivity to something. As hypersensitivity to a topic doesn’t make for a decent discussion of that topic. It becomes too emotive. I used to be a lot worse with it, having scored a 2 out of 10 on a particular ‘test’ that gave a measure of how a person was either in control of / controlled by emotion. A score of 2 meant I had no control.
            But that was a few years ago, nowhere near that now, but still I’ve been fluctuating a lot lately due to a lot of, well, anger, coming up. BS is a good spot (sometimes) to burn that off.
            Admittedly, I’ve been digging it up very much intentionally, as I need to get it out of the way, in order to progress something else (damn it, it’s all too vague, I hope you ‘get’ it). Bottling it works for a while only, but I have a need, to let it out again now and take a look at the whole ‘thing’ behind it. And ‘it’ is a multi pronged ball of crazee with no discernible way of handling it, at least not right now. But I will, I did before when it was worse. So, that’s what’s got me where I am…. :)

          3. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            I get it.

            Maybe put a wee *rant ahead* above your posts so we know you are venting. Then we’ll be able to tell when you really start to lose it :)

  5. Nigel

    But the Doonbeg people aren’t concerned with ‘virtue signalling’; they’re thinking of more basic, bread-and-butter issues, such as keeping their resort viable.

    So not only does she dismiss people speaking out against bad things, she openly advocates making deals with the devil. She makes no effort to explore the accusations against Trump. In fact, she seems to take it as so obvious and true that merely mentioning it can be assumed to be empty grandstanding. Then she argues complacency and acquiescence in the face of massive amounts of money effectively holding a community’s future to ransom against good behaviour. Amazing moral lesson for us all.

    1. The Key of G

      Complete rubbish Nigel. The people of Doonbeg don’t have a huge cavalcade of possible billionaire suitors and as such are not in a position to base a choice of whether to accept Trump’s investment on some kind of morality basis. You guys occupy an ethical vacuum tank while pornographers such as Trump also find their own level.

      1. Nigel

        Oddly enough I wasn’t so much talking about the people of Doonbeg, I was talking about the way she was talking about them, if you see what I mean. The moral force of Catholcism is being further eroded by this embrace of right-wing rhetoric. You yourself seem to be in agreement that when there’s enough money involved morality is out the window. That’s fine, it’s the basis the country’s been run on for a while now, so that’s working out great. Good luck to the people of Doonbeg. They’ll need it. Or not.

        1. The Key of G

          I’m a bit lost now what your original point was but yes that’s more clear to me now what you were trying to get across. I feel though that the absence of virtue does not necessarily mean the presence of evil or “doing a deal with the devil” to use your phrase. And, even the devil was a good angel at one time I seem to recall, before he fell from grace!

        2. The Key of G

          Btw Catholicism has no moral force as and of itself. It’s just another frame of reference, and it’s morality or ethical standard is self-delineated. That’s why the likes of Tony above gets so obsessed with the details of literally who is the holiest these days. Is it Hosanna who is in the Hiace? Rihanna maybe? Princess Diana? It must be so confusing when all kinds of new religious types try and muscle in on the high moral ground and worrying, I’d say.

          1. Nigel

            No, but it had moral authority. I’m not going to confuse Mary Kenny’s shoddy thinking with Church teaching, but I have to wonder whether she thinks what she’s written here bears any relationship at all to those teachings. It’s seriously weird stuff to hear coming from someone writing in the pages of something called The Irish Catholic.

          2. The Key of G

            I’m fairly certain it’s ever been this way Nigel. Power exists for its own sake and those in the hot seat extrapolate out from there to their conscience in my opinion, as much as they might honestly fervently believe they do otherwise. That for me explains the likes of Gods Rotweiler and how he dealt with abuse cases and even our own archbishop Brady. If the top brass are so devoid of the self awareness to critically analyse their own action what chance do the likes of hacks for Jesus like Kenny have?

  6. ahjayzis

    I once did a bit of work for civil engineers working for Gadaffi’s environment department.

    So in my book that makes me the authority on this matter – Gadaffi was a fine man.

    Abject peasants are abject peasants.

    1. Tony

      Why are they not deserving of airtime? or is that just looking for a +1. Which is the core of virtue signalling.

      1. On The Buses

        I’m actually ashamed at myself for even capitalising the name of that religion. It’s a fringe sect that believes in a man in the sky that can read their mind. They aren’t clear thinking people.

        1. Tony

          Shame…. Shame…. Shame…. Sounds very catholic to me. And bigoted. And censorious. Nice fella you are.

          1. On The Buses

            Never said I was a nice guy. I wasn’t advocating censorship, just to ignore anything that is said by a Catholic newspaper. Or any news organisation that is run through the filter of religion for that matter.

  7. Deluded

    “…the environmental sea-wall against the Atlantic…”
    That was my favourite bit.

  8. Fully Keen

    Trump is giving Irish people money.

    That’s all you need to know.

    Watching Jon Stewart and hating Fox News didn’t really work over here. No matter how much your apple products make you think you are living in Manhattan.

    1. Nigel

      It’s okay people! We’ve been told all we need to know! Some person on the internet has told us all we need to know! That’s it! Move on! You know all you need to know!

  9. Mulder

    Yeah, they will not be saying no objections, when president Trump decides to annex Doonbeg as part of UNITED STATES, and build a bloody big wall around it.
    Put up a sign saying no irish allowed.

  10. Serval

    Why does BS put a quote in the headline that is incorrect?
    Nowhere in the article does the writer say “The People Of Doonbeg Have No Objection To Trump’s Visit”.
    This is the type of gutter misrepresentation and trolling and clickbait that I would expect from The Sun.

  11. ForFecksSake

    “But the people of Doonbeg surely have a greater entitlement to speak on this particular question than the virtue-signalling Richard Boyd Barrett or Enda Kenny.”

    Mary doesn’t seem to understand the concept of bias.

  12. Francis almond

    I like Trump. I hope he becomes president. America needs a strong leader. He’s a real person not a manufactured speakbox for ‘what people want to hear’.
    I appreciate the masses can no longer form their own opinion, even ‘liberals’ and left of centrists no longer have individual opinions preferring to flock to prescribed thought, but does what you like you think you know about Clinton outweigh what you think you know about Trump?

    1. Pip

      Cool, Francis. I agree, and I’m not being sarcastic.
      I like your focus on what we ‘think’ we know about these people.
      He IS real, or as good as, and seems to scare even those we think might be fairly cool too.
      What does this say. Something like ‘oh, give me the usual people, screw me the usual way’.

    2. Kieran NYC

      “I appreciate the masses can no longer form their own opinion, even ‘liberals’ and left of centrists no longer have individual opinions preferring to flock to prescribed thought”

      What a crackpot way to justify no one agreeing with you lol

  13. Mobi

    This is anecdotal but I’ve been to Doonbeg recently and people like the hotel and the jobs that it has there. They don’t have much time for Trump’s politics I think. It is a nice place down there and a decent place for some food while looking out on a nice view of Doughmore.

    Is it the fact that the Irish Catholic that wrote this that makes it Broadsheet worthy?

    The article is quoting RTE news as I am almost certain I saw those two people on the 9.00 news commenting to that effect.

  14. jimmy russell

    ugh someone should put a bullet in him already he is literally hitler I cant believe he wants to enforce existing laws and maintain national borders what a nazi

    1. Rob_G

      So you believe in shooting people that don’t hold the same opinions as you, but Trump is the nazi…

      : /

  15. (Desperate?) Dan

    This man is not welcome here; the only people I’ve talked to or heard who feel differently are a)nutters b)contrarians c)right-wingers (extreme by Irish standards) d)all of the above. Shun him, peacefully protest his presence, mock him, but please don’t normalise this freak.

  16. classter

    ‘the environmental sea-wall against the Atlantic he plans to build,’

    This to protect the golf-course. Is there some suggestion that this will protect the general Doonbeg area? Often the contrary is the case,

  17. Cop On

    For all the jumping up and down by Irish liberals and @labour #repealthe8th types – Trump has not killed anybody. Unlike their current luvvie O’Bama.

    1. Kieran NYC

      I’d be surprised if a private businessman had killed someone without ending up in jail, tbh.

  18. Ultach

    Well, that kicked off. Some of us need to spend more time outside, away from the computer.

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