Last Days of The Poet






Images from the life and death of Pat Tierney by John Kelly

Wally Cassidy writes:

A good friend of mine documented for a book project  the last few years of Pat Tierney’s life. Pat was poet from Grafton St in the 90s, he established the Ballymun Rhymers Club and several community projects with the Dublin Aids Alliance. Pat, who had Aids, took his own life in 1996 aged 39,, and at the time my friend never got around to showing the photos. Last month he scanned his old negatives, some strong but excellent images [More images and Pat biog at link below].

The Moon At His Back Images of Pat Tierney By John Kelly (OnEdgeStreet)

Pics: John kelly

10 thoughts on “Last Days of The Poet

    1. The Scrutineer

      He was suffering from HIV and ultimately chose to take his own life, yes.

      I knew Pat quite well as a kid, and while I never really got on with him (profoundly different views on some things), I always appreciated his integrity and his willingness to engage with, and live in, a community that had been completely marginalised and patronised by the arts establishment.

  1. Catherine McEntee

    Fantastic photos and sounds like he did alot of good in his short 39 years. Respect.

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