Ad-nimation: The Innovator


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A rather charming ad for the Woolmark company by Australian design house Buck. To wit:

Wool. Merino Wool. Soft, cuddly, odour-resistant, warm, light, moisture-managing wool. The best natural fibre, baa none.


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3 thoughts on “Ad-nimation: The Innovator

  1. Cynic3000

    Nice animation but massively inaccurate narrative.

    And who wears wool for working out? That’s already been surpassed by better material for sport.

  2. The People's Hero

    Merino base layer is incredible for cold weather sports. Feels better than synthetic on my skin, is very durable, very warm, wicks great and manages odour really well.. Synthetic is better for warm weather and lightness so it’s horses for courses.

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