Convicted And Fined



Tom Tuite tweetz:

Comedian David McSavage has been convicted and fined for not paying TV licence arrears after slating RTE’s output.


David McSavage convicted and fined over TV licence arrears (Tom Tuite, Irish Independent)

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32 thoughts on “Convicted And Fined

  1. Tish Mahorey

    And now those who can’t handle cutting humour that gets under their Irish skin will celebrate.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        +1 Funny is taste but he’s miserable, bitter and mean spirited and there’s nothing particularly smart about his comedy anyway.

  2. Manta Rae

    Spoilt brat should get a job. No one owes him a living, least of all the taxpayer via RTE.

    1. Tish Mahorey

      He’s a self employed writer. RTE isn’t his only gig. And in fairness to him, he has stuck at this for years in the face of a bland uncultured conservative Ireland that can’t handle the ACTUAL image of themselves being reflected back at them.

  3. Tish Mahorey

    I remember seeing Greg Proops slagging the Irish to perfection at a gig in Kilkenny. He was bang on. But because he so so right, the crowd turned on him.

    We love the craic but we hate the truth.

  4. Mulder

    Look we need comedians like, this cause, Ireland is a funny place.
    No really it is very ehh, funny.
    Suppose that be end of the savage eye as well.

  5. Gene_c

    I’d put his Savage Eye work up there with Mel Brook’s The Producers, Rotten’s Sex Pistols work & most of the great satirists and pomposity prickers, incl. Oscar Wilde in his day. Everyone’s got an opinion I suppose but there’s no doubting McSavage’s determination to stir it up. A national treasure, in my eyes.

      1. Mé Féin

        More than that, it is the funniest movie of all time. And by all time, I mean movies that have yet to be made.

  6. rotide

    I like McSavage most of the time, but not paying your tax because you don’t agree with RTE’s commisions expecting to not get fined for it is idiocy.

    He’s not an idiot, so i can only assume its entirely for publicity

  7. Shane

    The man is a comedy legend and his stance on the tv licence was totally justified
    Fair play to him and rte should take note that many feel the same way

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      He’s throwing a strop because RTE didn’t put him on telly again. That’s all. Two hours in the ‘Joy and he’ll have enough “research” to write another series.

  8. Skeptik

    Some people his comedy him, some not so much.
    What he did was a publicity stunt for sure.
    But it was a worthwhile one. Why DO we pay a licence fee for anyway?
    RTE is bloated, wasteful and mediocre. So much more could be done with the money they get.

  9. Optimus Grime

    Was it Linehan or Matthews that described RTE as a building full of people who work in TV but don’t want to make TV programmes?

  10. munkifisht

    The critical assessment of Dave McSavage in this post is exceptional. The insight, the wit, the illusionary comparative imagery it evokes. It’s like reading a passage from Dechamp or Wilde, but written by them as a critic of their own work.

    “Shitebag, he’s not funny”

    Simply stunning.

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