You May Like This: Sky, Horse and Death


Photo 1 by Iza Szczutkowska 2014

Sky, Horse and Deathdebut album released last week

What you may need to know…

01. Sky, Horse and Death is an outfit for Altered Hours guitarist Kevin Terry and collaborators’ sonic investigations into the paranormal.

02. Debut album Music for Karla Turner is a tribute to the late academic, author and (alleged) abductee.

03. Streaming above is the album in its entirety, available now online via KantCope records.

04. Cassettes also available, as with all KantCope releases, from their Bandcamp and instore at PLUGD Records.

Verdict: Intense stuff to say the least, but another reason to pay attention to Cork music’s fertile and wildly imaginative outer reaches at present.

Sky, Horse and Death

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3 thoughts on “You May Like This: Sky, Horse and Death

    1. Mike McGrath-Bryan

      To an extent, but nowhere near as ubiquitous as wax. They’re very cheap to do in short runs, and sell well among collectors/label nerds, so are a viable means of getting and staying on indie record shelves. Bung in a download code somewhere in the packaging and you have form and function.

      1. Nootka

        Why didn’t I hold on to my tape recorder from my misspent 80s childhood… I’m sure it had Smurf stickers all over it but it might be worth something now :-D

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