Can You Play Chess?



Young Irish chess internationals with Irish Chess patron President Higgins (centre)

Against the CLOCK?

John McMorrow, of the Irish Chess Union,  writes:

I know you don’t normally do this… but the Bray Rapidplay Chess competition is on this Sunday, in the Esplanade Hotel on Bray’s beautiful seafront.

The event will feature young and old, with experienced internationals as well as beginners. The competition adds some extra uncertainty by being played under strict time limits which ensure quick and entertaining games.

Every player who enters is guaranteed 7 games which will mostly be against players of their own standard.

The winner will pick up a cheque for €500  while there are a variety of other prizes for the various standards. There were 106 entrants last year and the organisers are hoping to top that number this year.

Here is the current world chess champion playing a similar format of game to what we’ll be playing: We won’t be quite as fast or else it would be a very short day but just to give an example.

Bray Rapid Chess 2016

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2 thoughts on “Can You Play Chess?

    1. Carol

      My kids are involved in chess so will bring them down, might even play myself if it’s as quick as that!

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