‘The Figleaf Has Been Blown Out Of The Water’


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From top: Ronnie Hanna, Frank Cushnahan and Enda Kenny

You may recall how Taoiseach Enda Kenny has repeatedly rebuffed calls from various TDs for a Commission of Investigation into Nama’s sale of its northern Ireland portfolio, Project Eagle.

The calls came after two men were arrested in Co. Down on May 31 in relation to the sale and later released pending further inquiries.

Earlier this month, in the Dáil, Mr Kenny said, “Nobody has presented me with evidence of wrongdoing by Nama in this jurisdiction” and, on another occasion, Mr Kenny said: “Nama has done nothing wrong”.

Just last week, Mr Kenny stated: “I am informed that this loan sell was executed in a proper manner. Despite all the comments and allegations, there are no claims of wrongdoing against NAMA.”

Further to this…

Frank Connolly, in Village magazine, reports:

The arrest of two men in connection with the criminal investigation into the sale of Project Eagle, the single largest disposal of Irish state assets, has discharged a seismic shock through the establishment, north and south.

…Ronnie Hanna, a former head of asset management at NAMA in Dublin and Frank Cushnahan, a former member of the agency’s Northern Ireland Advisory Committee were arrested by police who also seized documents and computers during raids on a number of properties in Belfast.

Village has learned that the arrests came just days before the BBC ‘Spotlight’ programme was due to reveal fresh information concerning the role of both men in the Project Eagle saga.

The arrests of the two men by the NCA forced the cancellation of the programme, for legal reasons.

On Thursday, 2nd June, the Irish News reported that Hanna and Cushnahan had been arrested two days earlier by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and were being released on bail “pending further enquiries”.

It was the only news organisation to identify those arrested although, in its report, the Irish Times mentioned the pair as having been previously named in the Dáil by Mick Wallace in connection with the Project Eagle controversy.

… It is utterly wrong to say there is no allegation of wrongdoing against NAMA, when a central figure to its Dublin operation has been arrested, in the North.

The figleaf the Taoiseach and Michael Noonan sought, that there was no taint on the southern operation, has now been blown out of the water.

Kenny and Noonan under pressure and in denial (Frank Connolly, Village magazine)

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Pics: Irish News

18 thoughts on “‘The Figleaf Has Been Blown Out Of The Water’

  1. Cata

    You’d expect this from Enda. But the Independents in government, Zappone et al, have done feck all.

    1. dedeluded

      Not true. They got themselves at the trough. Sure why would they upset the apple cart once they had that box ticked. (just look at zappone and her mileage claims).

  2. dav

    jepers the blushirts won’t be liking this at all. it reminds people how similar they are to corrupt fianna fail. 2 cheeks, 1 arse, shh1tting on the irish people

    1. RiderOnTheStorm

      Not to mention British television investigative programmers who precede them.

      ‘Twould fare Edna better to watch British t.v. investigative programmes and then he wouldn’t need to sputter out his lies like: “Nobody has presented me with evidence of wrongdoing ……. /// ……there are no claims of wrongdoing ………/// ……….Nama has done nothing wrong”.

    2. realPolithicks

      The difference is that the british cops actually want to catch these criminals.

  3. nellyb

    “Nobody has presented me with evidence of wrongdoing by Nama in this jurisdiction” – may be it is not illegal under our laws, but is under the British ones.

  4. RoryMcCabe

    “It is utterly wrong to say there is no allegation of wrongdoing against NAMA, when a central figure to its Dublin operation has been arrested”. Too right, how on earth can representatives of an organisation be arrested and continue to uphold a facade of innocence

  5. 15 cent

    all our most corrupt people only come ascupper when investigated by ANYONE but irish investigators. Drumm in America, Hanna in N.I. as recent examples. Our lot are not only useless, but if they did know or suspect something, they wouldnt do a jot about it.

  6. John

    Perhaps what is painted as inability here in Ireland is actually ability. Investigators not finding anything might be just what is intended. Tribunals that go nowhere. Assets being stripped. Billions being thrown around. It is OUR money and they are giving it away right in front of us. But we prefer to worry about the Kardashians, or that we have to pay the TV licence. Or whether Chelsea will get a new manager.

    Jesus wept.

  7. 15 cent

    for a long time i thought Kenny was just a dumb puppet in a suit. unaware of his surroundings, saying what he’s told, and only listening to praise. But now i think he might actually be an evil genius. See what he does is, he makes fupp up after fupp up, so soooo regularily, on purpose, so that when the next fupp up comes along, we are less outraged and surprised each time, and forget each one as the next one rolls in, and eventually we just wont care at all and he’ll fully be able to do as he pleases. or .. the first one .. hes a dumb puppet in a suit, unaware of his surroundings, and as a nation we dont like the fupp ups, but we cant do anything, because somehow, the big moronic clown is still in charge.

  8. Cynic3000

    If you think the transfer of billions of euros of loans into one unaccountable quasi state institution wasn’t going to be used for widespread criminality, fraud and bribery, you are a naive fool.

    People made millions out of Ireland’s property crash and many of those did it illegally and should be in jail for it.

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