Move The Dial




Newstalk reports:

Newstalk’s political Editor Shane Coleman will be joined by TV3 news broadcaster Colette Fitzpatrick, INM’s Paul Williams and former Irish Rugby star Alan Quinlan to anchor the station’s new Breakfast Show.

…Current Breakfast presenter Chris Donoghue will now co-anchor a new Drive show, where he will be joined by Sarah McInerney, political correspondent with The Sunday Times. The duo will be on air daily from 4pm and listeners can expect an exciting and lively debate on the day’s news, with everything from business and technology to entertainment and sports on the table.


From top, from left: Alan Quinlan, Colette Fitzpatrick,  Sarah McInerney and Paul Williams

Newstalk welcomes four new prime time presenters (Newstalk)

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32 thoughts on “Move The Dial

    1. Harry Molloy

      I like them and will miss them.

      I like Shane Coleman on Sunday mornings, the book piece is always interesting, not too sure about every morning though I’ll try to be optimistic. Except for Paul Williams…
      I don’t know much about Collette yet.

      Moncrief losing an hour, would like to see him in a late late type vehicle though he has a bad tv record working against him

      1. M

        Shane should have got Georges slot, Chris does a good job at breakfast. Sean losing an hour is poo, but Hook and his new found love of religion, Trump,and an Ireland that existed in the 50s, not retiring is a bad move on everyone’s part.

  1. Mulder

    Big sloppy stupid grin, say cheese.
    Next the new line-up will be running for the dail.
    Guess, which party they will be running for.

  2. Murph Mikey

    Ill miss the right hook….it was a great radio show, lots of enjoyment listening to it on the way home from work….sorry to see George go….

    1. rory

      Did you like Michael Graham as well? Personally, I could have done without that gobshite on the irish airwaves.

      1. M

        Agreed, and yet I’d still take him over wannabe libertarian/most consistently offended man on the planet, Ian O’Doherty, any day.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Five mornings a week where he spends his time intimating how much he knows but can’t tell us should make for riveting radio.

  3. dav

    Does this mean that hook is being kicked to touch??
    He’s been gone very islamaphobic over recent months

  4. rory

    Less Sean Moncrieff, noooooooo!
    More Pat Kenny, noooooooo!
    George Hook is still on the air, nooooooo!
    No more Ivan Yates, yayyyyyyy!
    Replaced by Paul Williams, noooooooo!

  5. ahjayzis

    WON’T be bothering with the breakfast show anymore. Coleman is dire, Williams boils my piss. Back to Mourning Ireland / Today I go.

    WILL be ending my boycott of drivetime Newstalk. ‘Cause Chris is fairly decent at a skewering interview and Sarah is the Goddess of PolCorrs. Fantastic radio voice too, thinking about it.

  6. moould

    jesus flippin christ.

    alan eye-gouging quinlan and paul penalty points williams?

    oh newstalk. you’ll be off the air in in no time at all

  7. jambon

    Will never listen to any of this tripe, but, in fairness, as long as the lads can sit down and the ladies can hunker down in awe of their manly ability to sit down behind them, all is well in the world of Denny. Well done, lads.

  8. jambon

    Blues jeans, brown shoes, navy blazers, lookin’ for looooove … every girl’s crazy ’bout Dawson Street Maaaan ….

  9. Frilly Keane

    That’s some photo op

    Two ‘wans ducking behind two gougers

    ‘Morning Ireland

  10. :-Joe

    I listen to newstalk quite a lot, mostly to find out what kind of horse manure the establishment is trying to promote through their moronicaly transparent politicaly biased hosts like shane coleman and the other numbnut bhoys backing up the agenda.

    Chris Donoghue seems more balanced in debate than he should be for that station, maybe that’s why he he’s being moved to a new and less listened-to slot. I liked Ivan because he let’s slips little bits of info from his knowledge of establishment politics and sometimes his banter is funny albeit mostly strange and self-aggrandising.

    I like Moncrief a lot, I wish he would leave and join a new platform with a few others, he’s wasted in that place but I suppose money talks too.

    Off the ballis great for sport and a bit of craic and sometimes Tom Dunne can be very good.

    George Hook has for a long time been mostly unbearable. Now the show is basically a random reality experiment of what happens when a broadcaster is allowed to continue while he slowly turns, hour by hour, more and more senile and left to ramble on like the right auld bore that he is.

    Matt Cooper is streets ahead of him, in terms of balance and good debate and even he has to tolerate occasional reports from the far right wing for our listening pleasure thanks to the producers and the boss above.

    Future proof, the book show, TED radio hour and Philip Molloy on films is very good sometimes too.


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