All That You Can’t Leffe Behind


Last night.


Drinking foreign beer.

Ross Atkins tweetz:

Who’s this having a beer in the European Council canteen? Mr Farage has much to celebrate.

If young Nigel says he’s happy then he’s happy.

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EU Summit (Irish Times Blog)

81 thoughts on “All That You Can’t Leffe Behind

  1. Formerly known as

    What a prat. He was totally offensive in the European Parliament. To think that some people were swayed by his carry on.

      1. Formerly known as

        If he was intelligent, he would have made some valid points, rather than throwing insults. He is like a well dressed English soccer hooligan.

        1. Anne


          It was sorta entertaining listening to him though.. he was insulting the lot of them about not working in proper jobs.. Said with a straight face too.

          Ye’ve got me humming that XTC song now, thanks.

          1. The Real Jane

            Yes, of course among the MEPs there are doctors, lawyers etc. I suppose to a former bond trader, those would not appear to be proper jobs.

          2. Anne

            Read that, thanks. I think he’s just trying to appeal to the working class, with talk about real jobs.. I suppose he considers his job a real one.

  2. :-Joe

    I find it hard to live with the fact that I have agreed with quite a few of this arrogant twit’s opinions and challenge’s to the E.U. in the past fifteen or so years.

    I’m not sure if the power went to his head or he was always just as bad.


    1. well

      It was fun like watching a class clown.
      A very foolish man, he seems to think he’s given the UK a better negotiating position.

      They voted to either Leave or Remain, they didn’t vote renegotiate.

      1. Gorev Mahagut

        He’s brought chaos to his own country because he knows that violent demagogues don’t prosper in the good times. He needs there to be scarcity and suspicion and loss of hope, so that people grow angry and are attracted to his expressions of anger. And then the complacent grandees get a little nervous so they decide to harness his popularity to their cause. They give him some authority as a way of keeping the angry “little people” on side. “But don’t worry”, they say, “we can control him. And anyway, he won’t go too far. He only says these things for effect.”

        It happened before, as Nigel well knows.

        1. LW

          In fairness, that’s a phenomenal achievement for a man who’s only an MEP, with no control over the scarcity. He didn’t create the conditions, although he is exploiting them

  3. eamonn clancy

    Anyone who gets up the nose of bleeding heart liberals can’t be that bad. He manages to show up their intolerances and we get to see them for what they are.

      1. The Real Jane

        You know, the people who think that it’s ok to be gay or even from a different country and think, on balance, it’s better if people don’t die on the street or from easily curable illnesses.

    1. realPolithicks

      You’re right Eamonn, how dare we be “intolerant” of racism, sexism, homophobia etc, the very nerve of us. I always wonder where this delusional planet you right wingers live on, is located.

      1. CousinJack

        But the majority of people in the UK who voted to leave were your cuddly labour types, in this case right is predominanrly remain, I know its confusing but please try and pay attention

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Nigel Farage and people who think immigrants are taking their jobs are not right wing now. You heard it here first!

    1. Bob

      He’ll go down in history as the man who achieved something nations have been trying to achieve for hundreds of years: the destruction of the British Empire.

  4. Ro

    Dont like the man but last time I checked Leffe is made in Belgium, Farage is in Belgium so is he not drinking a domestic beer?

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        He also loves employing them while telling his supporters that foreigners are taking their jobs.

  5. notahipster

    I’m making plans for him; oh, yes. Living in the UK is not a lot of fun right now. The anger on one side is palpable, and we’re seeing the xenophobes having their moment. Boris, Gove and Farage are a nasty threesome, and they already have blood on their hands.

  6. Shane

    The man is a fool who has fed other fools with lies and exploited bad feelings in uncertain times.

  7. Eoin

    I don’t have a dog in this race really but it’s pretty funny reading the comments here. ‘Twit’…’fool’….’extremist’ etc. He’s far from a twit or a fool. He’s a former high level banker and has a greater economic expertise than most of his EU peers. If you are going to attack Farage, then do it properly. You’ll need to do better than twit, fool, Nazi, fascist, racist…etc. Most of those terms have lost their impact and meaning these days anyway, they get bandied about so much and applied way to liberally. The thing is, his views are in line with most of the nation at the moment. And look at how many votes UKIP got last election. So is he still a far right extremist? Doesn’t that make half the nation far right extremists? Labour and the Torys both backed the opposite side to their supporters in the Brexit campaign. They are out of touch with their own voters. UKIP got it right. So who has their finger on the national pulse? UKIP and Farage only exist politically due to the Torys, Labour and the EU creating the anti-democratic conditions for them to flourish. Deal with the issues that gave rise to UKIP to make them go away. Or else they’ll be here for good. There’s no point in attacking them as they are the manifestation of the general anger with the Torys, Labour and EU.

    1. The Real Jane

      *has a greater economic expertise than most of his EU peers.*

      What are you basing this on? He’s just a former bond trader and hasn’t done that job in decades. I know it’s tempting to dismiss people like MEPs as a gang of incompetent eejits (who are somehow, despite not doing anything and not being able to do anything are also talking over the world by stealth), but generally it’s a mistake.

    2. notahipster

      Eoin; he was a commodity broker. Give a spare half hour I could train a monkey to do that job, which requires fewer skills than a call centre operative. I know what I’m talking about. In the olden days before electronic trading the posh boys (they were all posh, and boys) manned the phones taking orders, then passed the orders to the Essex wide boys who actually knew how to trade, having been taught all they needed to know on Mum’s and Dad’s market stall. Farage has the economic expertise of my next door neighbour’s cat. UKIP are BNP/EDL in disguise, and not a very good one at that. It’s not good being a “foreigner” in the UK right now; believe me.

      1. Hammertime

        This is one of the best comments I’ve ever read on this site. Informative, witty and well put. Bravo

    3. LW

      Eoin, you’re wrong about the parties. The majority of labour supporters went with Remain, much like the party. The Torys were split fairly well down the middle, much like their voters.
      I’m curious about your reasoning that he’s got a greater economic expertise than most of his EU peers?

  8. Rainy Day

    He is a rabble rousing racist bully…. he has stoked the hornets nest of some English people’s thinly veiled racism, he has given those who have nothing a scapegoat to blame…Britain and Europe in general may yet reap the whirlwind of the events he has set in motion.

  9. Eoin

    I’ve listened to his economic analysis of western financial systems for many years. Since long before he was involved in politics I think? He was one of the few highlighting market manipulation way before anyone else was, which certain Euro banks have since been heavily fined for, he’s also been a lone voice with regards to the totally corrupt, fascistic bond holder bailouts. I don’t trust Farage but at least I believe he knows whats wrong with the financial world today. I see little evidence of that from other MEPS, competent or not.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      He has been a founding member of UKIP since 1993 and an MEP since 1999.

      Pray do tell when you were listening to his opinions long before he was involved in politics.

    2. Medium Sized C

      What “Euro banks”?
      What IS a “Euro bank”?

      Is it just a Bank that is in Europe?
      Is it a bank that uses Euros?
      Is it bank that clears Euro trades? (like the ones the british economy is kind of built on?)
      Can you list a few of these Euro banks?

    3. LW

      “I don’t trust Farage” – that seems somewhat at odds with you lauding him over the rest

  10. Eoin

    There’s another classic….’rabble rousing racist bully’. I’d have called him that myself at one point. But the Brexit isn’t a black and white thing. And the ‘rabble’ are 52% of the British voting public. 52% percent of the nation want to pull away from the EU for very fair reasons and for that they are labelled ‘rabble’? The old UKIP derogatory terms and criticisms just don’t work aswell when you’re talking about 52% of the nation. They are now the new mainstream. Where does the UK go from here?

    1. Nigel

      The racist rabble do not have to constitute the entirety of the 52% in order for it to be a significant or a notable part thereof, nor for the aspects of the campaign directed at them to form a major part of the criticism of the campaign. That the non-racist portion of the 52% are fantastically defensive and resentful when it’s pointed out that they voted with the racists at the behest of people who appealed directly to racists is no reason to silence that criticism. The idea that such criticism is counterproductive strikes me as a self-serving truism for people who wish to hastily pretend none of it ever happened.

    2. some old queen

      I won’t spewing vitriol on Farage as I quite like him. I found his speeches in the parliament to be entertaining because he was sticking it up to them. He says it as he sees it and some of his criticisms of the EU have been spot on. Including the Mediterranean countries in the Euro zone for example.

      But there is another reason for UKIP’s rise, English nationalism. I know that social media can distort things but when your read reports of people from Scotland being told to ‘go home’ then the UK is already dead and buried.

      1. Kieran NYC

        “I won’t spewing vitriol on Farage as I quite like him.”

        No fupping surprise there.

    3. Medium Sized C

      Stating that 52% voted Leave for fair reasons is about as wrong as stating they all voted Leave because they are racist.

  11. Stephen Curran

    How bizarre that a right-wing former banker gets winning support from the very people diminished and marginalised by neo-liberalism. The same neo-liberal values he (and Johnson, and Gove) hope to further impose on the UK.

    1. Bob

      It’s genuinely terrifying to me. A lot of people have blindly supported him because he gave them easy answers and a mysterious, unknown villain to blame for all their woes. And the other party’s are just as guilty of his rise due to their complete unwillingness to call out his bullsh*t.

      1. Kieran NYC

        ” A lot of people have blindly supported him because he gave them easy answers and a mysterious, unknown villain to blame for all their woes.”

        Sounds like SF and PBP/AAA and all the rest of the chancers who ran away from governing

        1. LW

          Kieran could you explain to me how SF, PBP and AAA could have formed a government please? You can include anyone you wish in this fantasy government, I’d just like to see the numbers

  12. Boj

    It’s over, it’s done. So much sneering and name calling going on!! Should we not be more concerned about where we stand with the EU and how the institution is being run, y’know the reason why UK voted out? Are we all equal members? NO. Is 1 nation 1 vote? NO. All seem to think UK voted out because of Farage/Boris, they will be a sidebar in the history books…EU has completely gotten off the hook in all of this. #agenda@playhere

    1. Bob

      A man openly lied to trick people into voting his way. I think it’s quite important people don’t let that fact go unpunished.

      1. Boj

        Ah come on….*insert Pat Rabbitte quote here*. You’re doing it again, Farage and UK are of no concern of ours anymore, well not as much as they used to be anyway. THEY ALL LIE, or at the very least, bend the truth, it’s their job! Was Cameron telling the truth in all of his assertions? Doubtful.
        Anyway, not a peep about EU in your response…seems the brainwashing is working. UK ARE BAD…UK ARE STUPID…UK ARE RACIST…PANIC IN THE UK…all a load of hydraulics! Where is this message coming from…the 17million fear -conditioned remain voters & the EU of course. My point is that all seem to be lingering on Farage/Boris/UK getting off the bus, what about Mr. feckin EU bus driver? Where is he taking Ireland? And how much did he say that fare was?

  13. Mulder

    The 3 ringed circus has a new clown who is for time being center stage, but soon, the other clowns will come back and this clown will fade.
    Such is life.
    Send in the clowns, ahh, see they have already arrived.
    In truth they have always been where they are.

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