A guy on Whatsapp writes:

If you go to Google translate EN>DE page and type in “a bad day for Europe” it outputs “a good day for Europe” in German. Not sure if its an AI source material scanning mistake or an easter egg from a rogue Google coder but it’s pretty odd – any other “a bad day for…” sentence gives the right translation.


Thanks Derek

Google Translate

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6 thoughts on “Ein Fine Day

  1. Pedantic Pat

    Change the name of the country and it changes to be correct. So it’s one of those Easter Egg things.

    1. Bob

      Someone having a laugh and others not being able to get the joke and taking it all too seriously?

  2. Mulder

    One feels the word one be striving for is, shiesse.
    May not be exact spelling but the sentiment is fairly accurate, in Germany.
    Also cover their view of Uk.

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