Northern Exposure


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This morning.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster and Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness arrive at Dublin Castle for the North South Ministerial Council.


Taoiseach and NI ministers meet to discuss Brexit (UTV)

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12 thoughts on “Northern Exposure

  1. Scundered

    This is possibly the first time I’ve ever viewed Enda as being the best of a bad bunch.

  2. DubLoony

    I think he spoke too soon. The north-south meetings are part of GFA. Given that its desinged to discuss areas of mutual interest, would have thought Brexit wold be on this months agenda.

    No harm in unionists stating their case & trying to leverage Irish negotiators who are inside the test & staying in.

  3. Mulder

    Poor old Enda, was hand bagged by Arlene.
    He should know that feeling, by now with Frau Merkel.

  4. Mulder

    Enda`s problem, is that no one really takes him seriously.
    Though he has a few other problems.

  5. some old queen

    I honestly don’t know why people are coming down heavy on Kenny over this. Brexit is the single most important issue to impact on both North and South Ireland in our lifetime and the DUP refuses to discuss it?

    Was it a plane she flew home in or did she just float on a cloud? Foster is incredibility naive if she things that the Brexit Torys give two damns about NI and if she thinks that waving the high hand is going to dismiss the majority Remain vote in NI then she has another thing coming.

    But then again the DUP are à la carte democrats at the best of times. Even when the majority of the assembly voted in favour of equal marriage THIER views were more important than the will of the people.

  6. Turgenev

    He cycled the Ring of Kerry a couple of days ago. Did any of the DUP lads cycle that 180km?

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