Pro-choice activists outside Government Buildings in April, calling for a repeal of the eighth amendment, in a protest organised by Amnesty International

It is sad to hear of the recent dissolution of the Amnesty International group in Kells, Co Meath.

For 30 years it has served the worthy objectives of this worldwide organisation – supporting prisoners of conscience, opposing torture, the death penalty and helping refugees.

The decision to end this valuable Irish group took place on a point of moral principle, Amnesty’s recent crusade for abortion rights. This detracts from focusing on the causes for which Amnesty was originally founded.

Moreover, seeking further extensive abortion “rights” certainly would not have been entertained by Amnesty’s founder, Peter Benenson. Perhaps the Kells group’s objection and the consequent ending of its local Amnesty International activities may now be copied elsewhere in Ireland.

Tom Stack,
Dublin 6.

Amnesty And The Eighth Amendment (Irish Times letters)

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14 thoughts on “Pardon?

  1. JD

    I wonder is Monsgr Tom Stack of Miltown Parish? or are there a load of them in that area?

    1. Adama

      No – pretty sure that’s the same Mnsgr. Tom Stack. Pity he doesn’t call out his credentials when he’s signing off his correspondence.

  2. Mulder

    Whats this thing, the catholic church, has with womens bodies.
    Abortion, divorce, contraception, and rest.
    It looks odd.
    Though one might ask, what would jesus think or does that matter to the church.

  3. Eamonn Clancy

    Nobody takes Amnesty seriously anymore. If the chuggers weren’t the final nail in the coffin, it’s self publicity craving head sure was.

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