29 thoughts on “Park Strife

  1. Tish Mahorey

    That’s hardly obnoxious parking and he could not have hit your door with his because of how far forward his car is. So that’s a porky pie.

    I do like the 4 series. Just the right size.

    1. trueblueterry

      I think Tish is right, there is no way the driver’s door could have hit the door on the other car. It’s visibly too far forward.

        1. Jimmy Ireland

          If the BMW driver opened their door it would strike the wheel-arch of the adjacent car at best. Front wing most likely.

          1. Anne

            Ye must have extra spacious spots wherever yer parking.. most spots in car parks in Dublin city centre are extremely tight, and you can’t open your door fully to get out of your car.

        2. trueblueterry

          You’re not taking into account that the cars are parked at an angle. Having parked here numerous times I can assure you that the driver door would hit the wheel arch not the passenger side door.

  2. The Gawm

    Why. Why. Why. Do you block out reg plates. No expectation of privacy in a public place.

    1. Nigel

      Because they’re weighing the fun of shaming a bad parker against the risk of some nauseating chuckleheads sending death threats or the like because this is the internet home of disproportionate overreactions?

  3. Murph Mikey

    Do what i always do…go the the passenger side and push the mirror casing forward – its on a spring so shouldnt break…also, manually adjust the mirror part. And, since i drive a right heap id make sure to let my door say hello to his – a few times….

    1. Holden MaGroin

      Until the driver needs their wing mirror to change lanes, reverse etc and realises they can’t see anything and causes an accident.

      Stay classy.

      1. Murph Mikey

        Well if the driver doesnt notice it backing out of the space in the picture then she is a shocking driver…and if she continues she shouldnt be driving at all and deserves all she gets……
        And brass was used for coins in Roman Britain……..

        1. Nigel

          And if they’re slow to notice your little act of passive-aggresive sabotage and back into a pedestrian or a cyclist? Do they deserve it, too?

    2. Biguy

      Do what I always do, talk a good game on the Internet, but get scared even thinking about deviating from normative behaviours.

  4. Dancost

    Really? You feel this is worthy of sending into Broadsheet Helen? I’s bad parking, yes, but hardly obnoxious.

    1. Micko

      “our cousins” ???

      Don’t you mean ‘our owners’? Muhahaha

      Boom – political humour!

  5. Mulder

    Yeah right there, the Germans now own Ireland and can put the beach towels or deck chairs where damn well please.
    Of course also own Enda, so.

  6. Anne

    Strange behaviour…

    Taking a photo of that slight infringement,of the parking spot and sending it to broadsheet.

    I have a suggestion for you. Get a life.

    I was driving along the Quays there on Saturday in town, and I got caught in a yellow box, as a taxi driver pulled out in front of me suddenly…he was blocked in the taxi lane by a car that pulled in, in front of him. Sh*t happens.
    The pedestrians got their green man to walk and I’m sorta blocking half of where they’d walk, as I got stuck, due to the taxi driver as I explained… some psycho walks in front of my car, slows down, and gives me the evil eye.. and continues to give me the evil eye as he walks off on looking back at me. I would have loved if he walked into a poll. Karma is a bitch sometimes..like myself.

    People are too concerned with every fupping thing everyone else is doing..

    1. Tish Mahorey

      “some psycho walks in front of my car, slows down, and gives me the evil eye.. ”


    2. bertie blenkinsop

      “I would have loved if he walked into a poll”….

      Someone looking for his opinion would probably ruin his day alright…

      Ah Anne I’m just kidding, don’t put me on your hitlist :)

      1. Anne

        Too late.. Yer all on the hitlist already :)

        And it were not the pervie eye.. I’m 40 years on the planet and I’m still getting the pervie eye.. I know the difference between I want to shag you and I want you dismember you into 50 pieces and throw you into the Liffey. He made Michael Myers look like Santy… because I blocked half the bloody yellow box. ..Stopped right in front of the car and stared me down and walks off staring back.. I’m thinking I’m caught in the Twilight zone here.. this clown is not standing in front of my car staring.. I blink a few times and he’s still standing there.. Nope it’s real.

        Sometimes I wonder if there’s any hope for humanity at all…tell me there is Bertie..go on, I’ll believe you.

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          Oh but of course there is Anne….

          my best piece of advice for you is one my Da gave to me

          “nobody really gives a sh!te if you’re sad so you might as well be happy”.

          I know.

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