More Court Action Than Andy Murray


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Denis O’Brien

Another day.

Another law suit.

Businessman Denis O’Brien has lost an appeal against a 2011 High Court decision dismissing his claim the Moriarty Tribunal had incorrectly restricted cross-examination of a key witness at its public hearings.

A five-judge Supreme Court unanimously dismissed the appeal in which he claimed there was a breach of fair procedures by sole tribunal member, Mr Justice Michael Moriarty, to limit both the amount of time and the extent of the questions his lawyers could ask Danish telecommunications expert, Professor Michael Andersen.

… Mr O’Brien had argued a declaration that fair procedures were not applied during part of the tribunal, which centred on payments to politicians Michael Lowry and Charles Haughey, would have an effect on the public view of the tribunal’s report.

If he got such a declaration from the Supreme Court, he could also consider moving to quash certain parts of the report and this could also have consequences for the issue of the tribunal’s costs, he claimed.

The tribunal had opposed the appeal arguing the matter is now moot as its report has been published and there has been no challenge by Mr O’Brien to its contents.

Denis O’Brien loses appeal against decision on Moriarty witness (Irish Times)

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23 thoughts on “More Court Action Than Andy Murray

  1. Gary

    Looking forward to seeing the hard hitting instalment of Six One news leading with this story later.

    1. rotide

      You actually think the main evening news should lead with the story of a businessman losing an appeal about a minor part of the tribunal?

      Just because people here have a raging erection when it comes to him doesn’t mean the rest of the country needs to be subjected to the minutae of his legal proceedings?

      1. Walter-Ego

        The rest of the country deserve to know ALL aspects of the legal proceedings of this litigious shyster. Besides RTE just reported on it on News at One.
        Oooh, just got a semi.

          1. Walter-Ego

            “I hate to break this to you, but the rest of the country don’t really care”
            But obviously YOU care enough to comment.

  2. Anne

    “and there has been no challenge by Mr O’Brien to its contents.”

    So Denis never refuted the fact that he bribed Lowry…

    From the IT –
    The High Court was correct in finding the most that could have been hoped for (in a cross-examination) was for Prof Andersen to repeat himself and “perhaps gild the lily”, the Chief Justice said.”

    I wasn’t sure of that idiom, ‘gild the lily’. It means ‘to adorn unnecessarily something already beautiful..’

    There you go now.. No need to be gilding the lily that is Moriarty’s findings, Denny.. buh bye.

  3. Kieran NYC

    I still don’t get how he thinks he can sue Red Flag. They kept a dossier of publicly-available information on him. So what? So would every newsroom and newspaper in the country.

  4. Mulder

    One wonders, might Denny not take up tennis if he wants so much court action.
    Be cheaper and healthier.
    Less of a pain in nether regions.

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