Mary Boyle And The Cold Case Review



From top: Tuesday’s Irish Daily Star; official statement

This afternoon.

A statement released by solicitor Darragh Mackin, of KRW LAW, who is representing Ann Doherty, the twin sister of missing Mary Boyle – in light of a story in yesterday’s Irish Daily Star.


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Via Darragh Mackin

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    1. Tony

      No it doesn’t. It actually has an excellent reputation as is evidenced by tourism, business and reputation trackers. But dont let me stop your festering self loathing :-))

  1. steve knievel

    its still on youtube. i just watched a bit of it on my phone. and now on my desktop . maybe youtube saves it as watched.

  2. rotide

    There was a defamation claim against it yesterday or this morning I think. Not sure if it’s still outstanding.

    1. rotide

      Ah, it’s back up but comments are disabled.

      No prizes for guessing what happened there.

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