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John Delaney, CEO of the Football Association of Ireland


John Delaney, the chief executive of FAI, fielded questions at Sport Ireland’s announcement of Government grants to sporting organisations for the year.

Readers may recall how, in January, the FAI held a press conference about its 2016-2020 strategic plan and only invited representatives from their “media partners” to the launch – those from RTÉ and

One journalist described the press conference as ‘the press conference to which the press were not invited’.

Further to this…

This morning, The Irish Times reports:

Private funding, from Denis O’Brien, remains essential to the reappointment of Martin O’Neill as Republic of Ireland football manager, FAI chief executive John Delaney confirmed yesterday.

“Denis’s contribution is invaluable to the reappointment of Martin O’Neill and the management team. Without his contribution it just wouldn’t be possible. The association is more than grateful,” said Delaney.

“Denis has always been a great supporter of Irish football – not only, by the way, in the international team appointment but he was also very helpful in achieving our new finance reduction of €10 million. His company Island Capital were central to our discussions with our new finance partner.”

…It was put to Delaney that the debt has not dropped by any significant amount year on year.

Well, no, if it was at €70 million and now it is €35 million that is a significant drop . . . ”

Much of that reduction was write downs?

“No,” Delaney replied. “It is not. The recent €10 million was paid down, it wasn’t a write down. It was paid down. That’s significant, okay? So, now you look at the facts: We used to have a debt of €70 odd million. It is now, with our banking partner of €35 million. It is well within our compass to be debt free by 2020, if we wish to do so.”

FAI says Denis O’Brien key to reappointment of Martin O’Neill (Gavin Cummiskey, Irish Times)

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15 thoughts on “COYDOB

  1. Donger

    Well now that’s cleared up we can move on.
    The first time I saw JD being interviewed was in 2002 during the whole Saipan thing. I wasn’t aware of him and genuinely thought I was watching apres match.

  2. rotide

    I’m not sure what the actual story is here?

    FAI hold press conference to which everyone is invited this time, tell us things we already know (DOB pays some of MONKEANE’s salary) and confirms debt has fallen.


    Or is this just yet another stroke of the DOB erection?

    1. Rowsdower

      From DOB’s perspective, whats the point of trying to buy yourself an image if the people you bought and own aren’t out there everyday talking about what a wonderful person you are?

    2. ALisonT

      Have to agree – Are people suggesting that the debt has not decreased form 70 to 35 million. If they have achieved that reduction then it is good work. Better the money go to the organization rather than the pocket of executives.

  3. Rodger

    DOB the man who – as a non dom – paid no capital gains tax on the sale of Esat is very generous to the Irish people.

    1. ahjayzis

      The man who got Esat in the first place by outbidding the Irish people for a government minister on their payroll ;)

  4. Rainy Day

    If you can’t afford to hire him you can’t afford to fire him…so effectively DOB decides when the Irish manager gets the boot or not….
    Throwing pieces of silver at the FAI like a benevolent dictator does not make up for not paying your taxes….in case he thinks it does.

  5. Ger Nalist

    I’d love to have a “banking partner”. Sounds a lot cosier than “going to the bank”

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