18 thoughts on “Capital Idea

  1. Tish Mahorey

    It is incorrect. No punctuation and a lowercase ‘k’ instead of capital ‘K’ for the county name.

    Do it right next time and don’t expect others to compensate for your lack of attention.

  2. Jonjo

    Oh, a government worker not using Eircode :-)

    Maybe get bigger labels so the county can be on a line of it’s own, or use smaller font size.

  3. Robert

    Okay, fine, machine couldn’t read it. Human intervened. Got to it’s intended address. What’s the problem exactly?

  4. veritas

    Could you imagine the answer you would get if you wrote to any government department to correct them about something like this.An Post should be embarrassed to have wasted time and money affixing a label like this. Its real jobsworth stuff. I am surprised that the commentariat have decided that this nonsense is acceptable,is it just contrarianism.

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