My Donegal Bag



Kevin B writes:

I took a taxi from outside the Mater private hospital to Holles Street [Dublin 2] yesterday afternoon. I placed my Donegal sports bag in the back seat, sat in the front seat. When I got out of the taxi, after paying the taxi man, I completely forgot about my bag and the taxi drove off.

Nothing of any real value was in it – just my washbag, some clothes and a couple of accountancy books which I need for upcoming exams.

It is a bag of the 2008 to 2010 era. “Abbey Hotel” is stitched into the short side of it while it says “Dun na nGall” on the two long sides of the bag. It had a large green strap with the “GAA” logo (above) appearing multiple times on the strap. Bag is predominantly navy…



Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 09.50.17

F writes:

A pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses (in a case and belonging to a friend) fell out of my jacket pocket when getting out of a taxi on Friday night. I got the taxi from the Samuel Beckett Bridge at 11.30pm and went to Bettystown, Co Meath. The glasses were in my pocket, on getting into the taxi, but not on getting out. They must have come out of my breast pocket when I was taking out my wallet (I kept both in same pocket). The taxi, which was a silver car and driven by a Dublin taxi driver, would have gone back to Dublin at around 12.30am – 12.45am.

If the next customer of that taxi picked up the glasses, I would be very grateful if they could make contact.


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8 thoughts on “My Donegal Bag

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    “I took a taxi from outside the Mater private hospital to Holles street”

    You thought you had wind but you’re actually pregnant?

    Congrats Kevin!

  2. bisted

    …after Donegal snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against Tyrone at the weekend I suppose the bag is all you have left of the glory days…

  3. Tish Mahorey

    Taxi drivers don’t read Broadsheet. And anyone who came across some Ray-Bans probably just kept them. And nobody cares about a GAA bag with jocks in it.

  4. Nilbert

    ‘I lost my raybans getting in a taxi from the Samuel Bekett bridge to Bettystown’

    We’re back baby, we’re back!!!!!!

  5. Kevin

    Bag found! Thanks for your efforts Broadsheet. Much appreciated.

    Turns out Dublin taxi drivers “care about a GAA bag with jocks in it”.

    Mise le meas,

  6. Mulder

    Can i just say, not wanting to sound like a politican but, can i say, i actually lost 50 cent or could have been 20 cent in fact on Luas at Dundrum station recently.
    Suppose no chance or.

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