20 thoughts on “Britt Of A Difference

  1. louislefronde

    @ Waddy Dilson, coastal erosion and longshore drift is obviously changing the nature of what used to be a good beach. Wicklow CC needs to engage in Sand replenishment (this may sound crazy to some but it makes perfect sense) Beaches all over the world are replenished, Cannes being a very good example.

    1. Stephen F

      Beach nourishment is already undertaken on a number of beaches in Ireland. Tough to get licencing for and councils also like to see the low maintenance solutions like rock armour and sea walls, which work against the coastal processes rather than beach nourishment which works with them.

    2. Wayne.F

      Well when you pay €40 just ta access a beach in Canned for half a day it would want to be top class

      1. louislefronde

        @Wayne, You paid €40? You obviously went to the Croisette, instead of going a short distance up the Boulevard du Midi Louise Moreau. In terms of the Croisette, most hotels have their own beach sites which are complementary to guests. You obviously went to a beach site rented by one of the exclusive hotels. A more affordable option, would have been to go to ‘C Beach’ which is normally about €12 for the day

        1. Wayne.F

          Louis, I am not stupid enough to pay for access to any beach, I was taking a rough average, based on the prices as I walked along the promenade. The reality is you are comparing a free access public beach to beaches that require an entry fee. You are also comparing a town that relies on beach tourism as its primary industry to a beach that is not the primary economical driver in the area. Apples and oranges.

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