Throne Shapes


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Fine Gael Minister for Social Affairs, Leo Varadkar talking to the media outside Dublin Castle this morning

Daniel McConnell, on, reports:

Social Protection Minister Leo Varadkar has expressed his frustration at being constantly linked with the leadership of Fine Gael….

Speaking this morning at an event at Dublin Castle, Mr Varadkar denied his plan to radically overhaul the social welfare system is part of his bid to succeed Taoiseach Enda Kenny, who will not lead the party into the next General Election.

“No matter what I say or do for the past six months, some people are linking [me] to the leadership of Fine Gael…I am just waiting on the day when I sit on the toilet and some commentator somewhere decides that is part of some strategy.”

Varadkar ‘waiting on the day I sit on toilet and someone says it’s part of a leadership strategy’ (Daniel McConnell, Breakingnews)

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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14 thoughts on “Throne Shapes

  1. phil

    Sitting on the toilet eh! Is this some code for Irish water ‘the principle pays’ principle ?

  2. Mulder

    On the throne or in the ehh, hot seat.
    With plenty of solids thrown in for good measure.
    Welcome to the poison throne of Fg, leader.

  3. Bonkers

    Well given Phoenix reported last week that Leo has been schmoozing backbench TDs with free beer out on the town it aint that surprising he keeps getting linked to a leadership bid.

  4. louislefronde

    You do know, that Fine Gael conservatives – who are not exactly known for their brains or originality will elect Fitzgerald to replace Kenny (when he’s given the push in October)

  5. Paddy

    Leo ain’t going to get a sniff of the leadership. It’s already decided – Bilderberg attendees only need apply. That’s Coveney.

  6. Frilly Keane

    Its gonna be Coveney

    And Leo knows it
    Which is why he’s been seen out on the town pouring drink down lads necks

    1. some old queen

      The British Torys had a leadership contest which had more twists and turns than a fiddlers elbow while FG have one with the outcome decided in advance so. And then they wonder why so many people are becoming disillusioned with mainstream Irish politics.

      Still, anything that gets rid if Kenny and especially Noonan has to be progress I suppose.

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