Don’t Have A Cow




This afternoon.

Roger Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnell, Co Dublin

Early, possibly ill advised,livestock shooting sniper training for young tykes at an open day hosted by the Irish Defence Forces to mark the 100th anniversary of Roger Casement’s death.

Because nothing says ‘remembrance’ like getting your mitts around a .338 7.62mm ‘widow maker’, in fairness.

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We mean no harm.

UN and crowd control-loving rascals top from left Kate and Jonah Maguire, Chloe Connolly and Bailey Mckenna at the Baldonnell open day.



The government Lear 45 Jet at Baldonnell.


Just sitting there doing NOTHING.

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews

24 thoughts on “Don’t Have A Cow

  1. Joe

    Firstly thats a machine gun, not a sniper rifle. Secondly, it takes a 7.62mm round not a .338

  2. Tish Mahorey

    Highly inappropriate but all part of the softly softly into NATO propaganda. And you can be sure that the working classes will be the feedstock for the army.

  3. Wayne.F

    A wonderful, and informative day well done too Óglaigh na hÉireann. Excellent presentations in the gamer including a reenactment of Casments speech from the dock. All coupled with great access and explanations too defence forces personnel and their equipment and access to the Air corps museum. Tish as for your NATO nonsense, we don’t have the requisite equipment or spending we are a massive1.6% of GDP short of NATO membership.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Mr. T doesn’t have any truck with facts or rationality.

      In fact, I think ‘T’ might stand for ‘Trump’…

    2. Small Wonder

      I’m always so unsettled by those who are obsessed with the machines of war. Especially when their giddiness causes them to lose their grasp of basic grammar.

      1. Wayne.F

        My grammar is down to dyslexia, not excitement over machines of war. I was mostly there due to family connections with historical events being celebrated and an interest in Aviation.

      1. Wayne.F

        Read it in the Phoenix, absolute bull! We are currently at 0.5% of GDP for defence spending, that would have to increase by 1.5% to join NATO! Considering the constipation and bad press, with the 6 million upgrade for the RBS 70, can you imagine the outrage at adding 1.2 billion to defence spending annually

  4. BlessingtonBootboy

    Much better spread at the Curragh military museum, poo loads of tanks, guns, artillery, pistols, rifles, armoured cars, etc. Across the road from Centra.

  5. ALisonT

    Seems like a good day. No point in pretending that our country and values don’t need to be defended.

  6. Mulder

    Don`t have a cow, no worries, a donkey will do or if ye can not manage that, ahh shrrr a badger will be just grand.
    And, of course roast Badger is quite tasty.

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