14 thoughts on “Unsecured Server

    1. Tish Mahorey

      It’s the only place you’ll find out what goes on in this little banana Republic and the establishment hate them for it.

    1. Tish Mahorey

      The Phoenix are the only media outlet warning of the slow creep of Ireland into NATO. Coveney was tasked with that job a few years ago when Peter Sutherland introduced him to NATO chiefs. Incredibly just a month or so after that meeting, he was made Minister for Defense while also still Minister for Agriculture.

      Your politicians don’t serve you.

  1. louislefronde

    We’re already unofficially part of NATO, so who gives a damn….rather be taken out quickly then wait for the Fallout….!

      1. dan

        It’s not that black and white. Offically, we aren’t a full NATO member but we are a member of the Partnership for Peace with NATO, in EU Battlegroups and the common defence policy of the EU. We have had personnel serve under NATO led operations in Kosovo, Bosnia and Afghanisation, we have US stop overs here while UK Typhoons have shadowed Russian jets/bombers that get close to our airspace. We definitely have one foot in the door and NATO are itching for us to come in.

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