For Your Consideration: Dick Pic



A comedy ‘short’.

From Rob Reeves, who writes:

I’m currently doing a series of 12 comedy sketches/short films in the hopes of getting a show commissioned. I’d love if your readers  could check out one or more of the three already completed [see also below’. They’re all 3-5 minutes long and have received a great response so far at screenings around Dublin.


One Dying Woman

The Things We Do For Love

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5 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Dick Pic

  1. Mulder

    Och aye, it`s impossibly posh, said in a flat hacking North Belfast accent.
    If Frankie Boyle, had gone to trinners or yuckcd, worked in IT, and read the times, the Irish times of course.
    When seen Bob Reeves i thought, Reeves and Mortimer.
    Worth a look.

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