Puck In A Moment It Can’t Get Out Of




Ahead of tomorrow’s Puck Fair in Kilorglin, Co Kerry where a goat will spends the duration of the fair atop this scaffold erected in the centre of town (above).

John Carmody, of Animal Rights Network (ARAN), writes:

“We are delighted the Puck Fair is still taking place but saddened that a real animal must remain as part of this tradition.

People’s opinions on using animals for entertainment is changing fast in this day and age, and to that end, we urge the organisers to commit to taking the live animal out and replacing him with something more artistic and humane that reflects the spirit and beauty of the animal, that way everyone can have fun in what is otherwise a brilliant event.

What is wrong with the Puck Fair? ARAN has stated our concerns about the welfare of the wild-caught goat to authorities in the past.

The animal will be paraded through the packed streets of Killorglin and then hoisted roughly 60ft into the air for a couple of days in varying weather conditions, where he is then confined to a tiny cage, terrified and confused among thousands of party-goers and drunken revellers.

ARAN points out that no veterinary inspections will ease the psychological problems this animal will endure and we feel that part of the Five Freedoms in the Animal Health and Welfare Act may be violated.

Puck Fair (Facebook)

Animal Rights Network

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31 thoughts on “Puck In A Moment It Can’t Get Out Of

  1. shitferbrains

    So there are about 20 – approx – maladjusted billy goats roaming around the Reeks now ?

  2. Jaden

    I say if it pisses off the Healy-Rae’s, then the good people of Dublin should stick it to those fat cats down in Kerry.

  3. ringusboreum

    He is taken out for a period each day to get a chance to stretch his legs. While he is there he is pampered to the nth degree. If he were outside his life could be a lot rougher. Next you’ll be asking that sheepdogs should be paid for their work !!

  4. OnTheUp

    “Varying weather conditions”
    It’s a fupping goat!!! Goats are always out in ‘varying weather conditions’.

    ‘Terrified and confused’ /’Psychological problems’
    Source for this? This goat is released after 48 hours. I think he probably just goes back to being a normal goat.
    He’s not going to be released and then experience the goat equivalent of Jacob’s Ladder

  5. Tish Mahorey

    Hey ARAN people, give it up and go get jobs in Daddy’s company. Your rebel period is over now, time to grow up and end up like your golf club parents.


  6. essosea

    Get a grip ARAN. Animals are animals and should be treated well but they are not furry people. Goats don’t tend to get to stressed out about much, stop projecting and anthropomorphising. Have you spent much time working with goats John Carmody ?

  7. rotide

    D’ye reckon if they stopped this practice it would free up some budget for proper hare coursing?

  8. andydufresne2010

    So no one gives a cr*p about the goat basically. Short of the goat suddenly speaking english and telling us it doesn’t like it, no proof would be enough for some people. Put a sodding goat statue or something up there. It’s a bloody stupid tradition.

  9. some old queen

    Did it ever occur to the organisers of Puck Fair that they would INCREASE the amount of tourists if it did not involve animal cruelty?

  10. Custo

    My main problem is that the scaffolding looks awful. Surely a nice rustic wooden structure would look nicer.

  11. veritas

    sure if they can’t use a goat they could get one of the healy-reas to stand in ,nobody would notice any difference.

  12. Liam Deliverance

    Has the same goat ever made himself “available” for a subsequent Puck Fair, maybe it’s a thing?
    Has the Goat Tower ever fallen down, accidentally or intentionally?
    Do early morning shenanigans ever involve climbing the Goat Tower to “see his little goat face”?
    Do missiles ever get thrown at the Goat Tower?
    Is being hit by Goat Faeces a thing, esp on a windy day?
    Is this a source of amusement for those who are not hit by the Goat Faeces?
    Is being hit by Goat Faeces a sign of good luck?

  13. Tish Mahorey

    The Healy-Rae’s would actually manage to convince the nation of acceptability of this if they were interviewed.

    1. Well, that's tat

      No, they really wouldn’t. Outside the Kingdom, you see, they are seen as the low-brow incompetent fools they are

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