A Cyclist Says Sorry



Bride Street, Dublin 8

A ‘Shook Up Cyclist’ writes:

I know you don’t usually do this, but I would like to offer my apologies to another road user.

I was cycling down Bride Street [Dublin 8] this morning when a van started to overtake me with it’s left indicator on.

Very frustrating as a cyclist (are they going to slow down to let me go or are they going to cut across my path??).

But the van slowed to a stop a couple metres short of the turn so I thought that the driver wasn’t that inconsiderate after all. I continued on through the junction and quickly realised that he had not stopped to let me go but rather because there was a car in front turning left.

It was a very close miss and I was almost wiped out by the car that had been preparing to turn. I gave the driver stink for indicating at the last minute because in the heat of the moment I didn’t realise that my view had actually been blocked by the van until it was too late.

I would like to apologise to the driver of the red car and his passenger. It scared the sh** out of me and I know that it probably scared the sh** out of you too.

In fairness.

Pic: Google

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44 thoughts on “A Cyclist Says Sorry

    1. Evenprime

      Sounds like the cyclist was in their lane and had right of way. Just because you’ve indicated does not mean you have the right of way

      1. forfeckssake

        Technically if a driver has indicated and are at a turn a cyclist does not have the right to pass. In reality some drivers intentionally stop at the turn to allow cyclists to pass and this can become confusing for the cyclist.

        1. coco

          From RSA : “take care not to swing wide when you turn and always give way to pedestrians and cyclists crossing the junction before you start any turn”

          1. Wayne.F

            I would interpret a turn starting from the moment you indicate. If I was on a bike and a vehicle indicated ahead on my route I would slow down and wait for them to complete their turn and not attempt to pass

          2. Robyn

            Standard driver training Wayne is mirror, signal, (some add) mirror again, manoeuvre.

            Indicating just shows your intention, but does not automatically let you get on with it.

          3. forfeckssake

            “Crossing the junction”. I’m talking about someone who is not yet crossing a junction. If the cyclist is a distance behind you then the cyclist is not yet crossing the junction.

            If you stop with your indicator on and the cyclist is behind you they are legally allowed to pass on your left. The law is below:

            “A pedal cyclist may overtake on the left where vehicles to the pedal cyclist’s right are stationary or are moving more slowly than the overtaking pedal cycle, except where the vehicle to be overtaken—

            (i) has signalled an intention to turn to the left and there is a reasonable expectation that the vehicle in which the driver has signalled an intention to turn to the left will execute a movement to the left before the cycle overtakes the vehicle”


          4. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Road traffic legislation is a complete and utter mess. It needs to be consolidated but nobody is willing to take on the job so they keep producing reactive legislation that just adds to the mire.

        2. Vote Rep #1

          Incorrect. An indicator does not give you permission to turn regardless just as much as a green light does not give you mission to move forward regardless.

          That said, a cyclist should not be going on the inside if the car is already indicating ahead. That is just common manners. In the case above, the van blocked him and looked as if it was allowing him past so a case of mixed wires.

          1. St. John Smythe

            From my understanding as a cyclist and driver an indicator is a signal of intention. I would imagine that a good driver indicates a few seconds before actually turning and not ‘the moment you indicate’. I’m always cautious of bad drivers who only indicate in the last second when starting the turn, or as I see sometimes, after actually starting the turn.

            I was also of the view that it is commonly understood that those crossing a lane wait for those who are going straight first, then turn when there is free space. I’m sure this idea would extend to the implied lane of cyclists between the motor traffic lane and footpath?

          2. Robyn

            As another cyclist/motorist, I would be of the same opinion. It is very easy to ease up a little if approaching a car indicating left, just in case. If the car turns ahead of you, you are far enough behind, while if they wait, they only lose a couple of seconds.

            In the scenario described though, it looks like just an unfortunate misunderstanding of the reason for the van stopping, as opposed to a deliberate act by the cyclist.

          3. Wayne.F

            Robyn, my post was from the point of a cyclist, or road user behind the vehicle. if a car in front of me indicates I make an assumption they will turn and don’t try to over/undertake them

      2. Jack Ascinine

        If you put on your indicator to turn left, you have right of way to any and all traffic that is behind you. That is why they put indicators on vehicles. If you are on a bike and you see a car ahead of you indicate, and you decide to continue on and ride up on the inside of a turning car, not only are you wrong, you’re also an idiot for taking that chance of getting seriously hurt.

  1. Jonjo

    I’ve never had a near miss when cyling around town. Some cylists are going far too fast for the conditions ie busy roads in the city.

    1. Mr. Camomile T

      Well you cylons are an advanced species, so traffic should be pretty straightforward for you.

      1. Jonjo

        You can go as fast as you please on proper roads.

        Cycling at great speed around Dublin on a busy road is just asking for trouble. People step in front of you, cars veer into your lane, car doors open. If you’re going so fast that you can’t react in time, then yes, you are going too fast.

        And don’t say people should watch out for cyclists. It just doesn’t happen all the time and you have responsibilty too.

  2. Mr. Camomile T

    This gon’ be good!
    #TeamCyclist #WhiteVanDriverShouldntOvertakeThenTurnLeftCuttingOffTheCyclist #WeNeedLongerHashtags

  3. jonjo

    I’m another jonjo…
    Why is he blaming the van …. From what i take from that he was preparing to undertake the van as he was about to turn left, in some sort of revenge for the van legally overtaking the cyclist.

    1. sqoid

      Dumb, inconsiderate move by the van to overtake and then cut across a cyclist and in the process blocking the view between the other left turning car.

      Dumb, reckless move by the cyclist to try undertake (a stopped vehicle so he’s within his rights) in order to hang on to some forward momentum.

      The van created the danger and the cyclist wasn’t as careful as he should have been.
      Thankfully it was near miss and there was no injuries or damage

  4. Joe Small

    Now if I can just get an apology from the half dozen or so cyclists who try run me down on the pavement every weekday.

    1. Scundered

      Don’t wait for an apology, just tackle them to the ground, I’d say that’s perfectly legal.

  5. dav

    The only law that cyclists adhere to is that of Perpetual motion. When other traffic stops they don’t. They are afraid to use the brakes and stop, they must have to continue moving.
    The above case is where all other traffic would stop behind the van, wait for whatever to sort itself out then continue, the cyclist can’t do that.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      As can be seen in the photo above, there is a cycle lane on the street. Why would any vehicle stop when their lane is free?

  6. Kevin

    In a slightly related but unrelated point, has anyone noticed a HUGE increase in ‘I have indicated therefore I have right of way’ and ‘there is an obstruction on my side of the road so I have right of way to move into the opposite side of the road to go around it, regardless of whether it is clear to do so’ in the last few years?

  7. Junkface

    Big Vans and Buses are the most dangerous things on the road to get around/ overtake, they leave you completely blinded for a moment. I once had two kids run out onto the road from behind a pulled in bus at a bus stop, I was on a motorbike and really had to swerve to avoid hitting them, just missed them by a couple of inches. Scared the crap out of me

    1. Mikeyfex

      Hold on, have you been watching ‘Last Chance U’? Your attitude today is reminding me of the coach over the final few episodes.

  8. The_road_warrior.

    As a regular cyclist must acknowledge that we don’t always behave as responsible road users should and I have to admit to breaking the lights from time to time.
    At this point I would like to start some other discussions:
    Does anyone else think there are much more traffic lights than there needs to be? It seems that every little junction has a set of lights, and in some cases these are actually facilitating those whom choose to cut through housing estates or use other such unsuitable roads as rat runs.
    How often have we all been stopped at a red light (in the car or on the bike) while a long gone pedestrian has crossed the road having pressed the button, but did not and had no intention of, waiting for the green man?
    It makes my blood boil that traffic gets worse and slower every year, but the authority’s do nothing to execute the minor programming modifications required solve this small but time wasting scenario.
    P.S. bike lanes are not for parking, dog walking, pram pushing or bicycle racing. They are legitimate lanes and much be respected.
    I have a car, a van and several bicycles. None or those machines have any rights anywhere. People have rights and we all want to get where are going.

  9. Cloud9

    Never read so much off topic nonsense!! People, the most important thing here is that he acknowledges his error. If we all started doing this the roads would be safer irrespective of legislation and your opinions!!!! Respect to the poster, raspberries to most of the comments.

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