Pat Hickey, President of the Olympic Council of Ireland and a OCI statement this afternoon on the Rio ticket brouhaha.

“What I can tell you very clearly is that there is no impropriety whatsoever from anyone in the OCI or myself in the dealing of tickets and I want to reassure you on that 100%,” Pat Hickey said.

He fully expects that the OCI will come out of this with a clean bill of health.

“I would of course be very sorry for any embarrassment caused to Ireland in this issue. I intend to rectify it as soon as I can,” he added.

The OCI president said he had no advance knowledge of the controversy and found out about it from the media….

No impropriety in OCI regarding tickets – Hickey (RTÉ)

Updated Statement from OCI Re. Ticketing Issues – Thursday 11 August 2016 (OCI)

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20 thoughts on “Pat Answer

    1. Joe cool

      I would add anything Irish at face value. Everything is done with a touch of cute hoorism and brown envelopes

      1. rotide

        As Rugbyfan pointed out, and I said yesterday, It’s not really an Irish thing. it’s a global Olympic thing.

        Where there’s this amount of money to be made, you’ll get this type of thing every day of the week.

      1. Donger

        I thought I read that during the week and was about to mention it when talking to friends today….then I thought,” it can’t be true. I must have dreamt that because it’s too daft to be true”.
        I have a lot of odd dreams that I frequently confuse with reality and was 100% sure this was one until I read your comment. You couldn’t make this stuff up. John effin Delaney. How is this man still employed? He epitomises everything I dislike about Irish culture-a me feiner, cute hoore, dunbelievable potato head looking gombeen

  1. dav

    basically no Irish media outfit can ask any hard questions at the moment because tricky hickey will revoke their credentials for the Olympics, hence the sideways pressure on Rossi to ask for a statement

  2. Mr. Camomile T

    This guy Mallon had 781 tickets that he was touting.


    Apparently the tickets are distributed to the various countries based on the size of their contingents and the countries’ sporting/olympic prowess. Considering the size of Ireland’s Olympic team and the relative lack of sporting prowess, I would say that 781 makes up a sizable chunk of the overall tickets allocated to the OCI.

  3. Truth in the News

    How many tickets were issued to the OCI authorised ticket agent, and did they
    en block distribute a batch to the alleged distibutor currently in custody in Brazil
    whose police have made allegations against, we now have spectacle of Shane Ross going off to Rio on Sunday to find out from Pat Hicky whats going on, well there is a better alternative, just ask the Guards to contact their Brazilan opposites, and then mount a full investigation….in other words follow the money.
    Our International reputation is at stake…..we may have got away all sorts of carry
    on at Home…..overseas it don’t look good.

  4. whut

    “we are treating the matter with the utmost seriousness” .. You would presume that yes, you would be treating the matter serious, and not dismissing it as something.. not serious. gombeenism is so rife in ireland that people feel they have to add in “we are taking it seriously, no jokin or messin, it is serious now” when it should be a given that its taken seriously.

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