37 thoughts on “Muscle Bound

    1. Amado Carrillo Fuentes

      Enjoy the sweaty bus ride home, Cot. You epitomise the Irish begrudger culture. Someone else will be on later to mention “blu” shirts and “gravy”.

      1. mauriac

        “An advanced city is not a place where the poor move about in cars, rather it’s where even the rich use public transportation”

        ― Enrique Penalosa

        1. Amado Carrillo Fuentes

          Enrique probably should have concentrated on stopping people like my namesake making poo of Bogota. He’d have us all driving Kias. KIAS!

    1. Sheikh Yabooti

      Agreed. I’d say he does handbrake 180’s into the tollbridge to save leaning across with the coins.

  1. Tish Mahorey

    Is this the same fella who had the green Mustang who makes pointless circuits around those streets just showing off like a saddo?

    1. Amado Carrillo Fuentes

      Ah, another envious public-transport user. The “saddo” probably pays more in motor tax than you do in income tax. Sad!

      1. Boj

        Ha, you just called a lad calling someone else a saddo, sad. That’s pretty sad my friend, but I suppose what does that make me? Interestingly you flag the amount of tax the person pays, this tells others a lot about how your good self ticks. Clearly this is a show-off type of person…not saying there is anything wrong with that, if they earned their reward, fair play to them.

      2. Tish Mahorey

        “Ah, another envious public-transport user.”

        LOL. I really do pity the unsophisticated who equate public transport use with poverty.

        I leave my new German luxury car at home when heading into the city centre. I prefer to use the car at weekends for getting to my mountain hiking destinations.

        You utter fool.

    2. manonfire

      That car would return you about 15mpg in heavy city traffic if theyr not showing off they would need a very good reason for having/risking the car in the city centre, id wager on the show off with more money than sense or time, nice car though..

    3. senbob

      whats wrong with showing off?

      its a beautiful car.

      Ive a vintage motorcycle and people do look at it.

      1. Tish Mahorey

        Nothing wrong with having a lovely car like that. It’s very nice. But driving around in circuits with the sole purpose of posing is really quite embarrassing.

        1. Amado Carrillo Fuentes

          As opposed to lying about your “new German luxury car”. You wouldn’t know irony if it rained on your wedding day.

          1. rotide

            Boj, the irony is that Mr T is accusing the car owner of bragging and/or lying whilst he did the exact same thing with his ridiculoius ‘mountain hikes’ sytatement earlier.

            we can provide a diagram if you would like.

            Also, Amado – Rekt :)

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Wow – good ole Irish begrudgery AND snobbery…coming together all in one comments section!

    Nice motor; love the seventies brown

    1. H

      +1 it brought me back to my childhood for a minute there!

      If you’ve got it flaunt it, weren’t some people on here bemoaning the fact that a vintage Ferrari had been kept in a lock up just a few hours ago?

    1. Andy

      You can rent sports cars and modern muscle cars (mustangs, camaros, corvettes) from many of the main car hire companies in the US (Hertz, Enterprise etc).

      Only a little bit more expensive than a mid-sized SUV. Good value if you’re doing a scenic road trip in the US.

  3. Fully Keen

    Having a vintage car does not equal gravy.

    Gravy is the Irish obsession.

    Gravy is getting money you haven’t earned or even better perks like holidays or houses or women paid for you.

    Brown envelopes? Gravy.

    Use of a “friends” holiday home? Gravy.

    Gravy is an attitude.

    You got gravy?

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