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1991 Hino   Bedford TJ Front Bedford TJ Rear  Leyland Leopard Ulsterbus front Leyland Leopard Ulsterbus rear Two Green Dublin busesOnboard Dublin BusFV103 Spartan(1)

A second nosey around last weekend’s Dublin Port Rally

With Patrick ‘Carspotter’ Cummins.

Patrick writes:

Today I bring you the conclusion of my weekend at the Dublin Port Rally. There were a host of lovely artics from the early 1980s which I had drooled over and an abundance of 1960s Leyland Leopards too. Reminding me of my own youth, there was a handful of old green double-decker Leylands and two Imp Mercedes buses – these used to operate on my local route in Drimnagh and each had a different body: one an Alexander and the other a Euro Coach Builders. Here are four vehicles I have chosen but I hope to get some more uploaded over the coming months on quiet car-spotting weeks:

1991 Hino: “
I’m not up on Hino models so perhaps someone can clarify what it is. I do know that this was a demonstration model which was bought new by the owner in 1991 and never used commercially. It bears the Roadstone headboard as the owner did haulage for them but not in this specific truck. I remember them being used in Dublin in the 1990s as bin lorries if I’m not mistaken.”

1970 Bedford TJ: Much better than a camper-van! This has an accommodation box on the back and it sure looks comfy. It runs the 3.3 diesel engine putting out around 100bhp through a 5-speed gearbox. Originally it was commandeered by the Dutch army hence its left-hand drive setup.

1982 Leyland Leopard:Although many of the Leopards on the day were from 1966 I found a much later model from 1982 also. It was in use by Ulsterbus from 1982-2006 and utilised a body built by Alexander.

Two Green Dublin Buses: Perhaps the most memorable of all Dublin bus liveries was the green ones of the 1980s/1990s. The leftmost bus operating a 16A to Nutgrove is a 1974 Van Hool whilst the one on the right is a 1990 Leyland Olympian with Alexander body. You can also catch the corner of a 122 Imp from 1993 in Mercedes-Alexander guise.

The onboard cabin here, I think, is from a single-decker green Dublin bus registered UZG100. Interesting to note is the automatic gear selector which comprises a set of buttons rather than a gear stick or lever.

FV103 Spartan: I’ll finish off with something a little different. This Spartan tank entered service with the UK military in 1978. It is powered by a 6 cylinder Jaguar petrol engine.

Pics; Patrick ‘Carspotter’ Cummins