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Carlos Football writes:

Taking the children to Dundalk [European Champions League) match tonight. They’re really psyched because they’ll be out past their bedtime but we don’t know any Dundalk songs or chants (family-appropriate or otherwise). What do we need to know going into the big match? Is there anything online? We want to represent.

PS. Adult tickets = 15 squids, kids are a fiver. When I initially went onto Ticketmaster none were initially available but it looks like they may still be releasing blocks.


15 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Rugbyfan

    going myself with my 5 year old! talk about excitement. Wants to know when the Match attax cards are out with the Dundalk players on them! hope they qualify!
    Comon Dundalk is what we’ll be shouting!

    1. Neilo

      There’s murder in Muirhevna Mor
      But you’d better not bathe your kids
      Mad Dog
      Gonna shoot your goddam wife right down

  2. rotide

    Just run through “You’re going to get your f#&king head kicked in’ with the young ‘uns and you’ll be fine

    1. Owen C

      Also : “You’re going home in a fupping ambulance”

      One liners about Poland and WW2 also probably useful. “Haven’t seen a bunch of Poles destroyed like this since the Panzers rolled into Warsaw in ’39” etc.

  3. MyName?

    Just learn something racist, homophobic & misogynistic and you’ll fit in perfectly with all the other LOI fans.

    1. Mikeyfex

      H’well! I don’t know about LOI fans but you’ve certainly earned yourself an LOL fan!!1!! Brrp.

    2. martinm

      Maybe I’m just sheltered, but I’ve never heard a racist, homophobic, or misogynist chant at a LOI match. And I’m a season ticket holder. I’m sure it’s tempting and convenient to subscribe to and repeat this stereotype, but in my experience, there are too few people at LOI games to perpetrate this type of undesirable behaviour.

      It’s a safe bet that “Will Grigg’s On Fire” will be repurposed for David McMillan, once again.

  4. Sullery

    I recommend MOUUUUNNNNNTTTTNNNNNEEYYYYYYY over and over again. Doesn’t matter too much if John Mountney is on the pitch or not.

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