Destination: Pid



Ah here.

This lunchtime.

Slightly Bemused writes:

Very informative Real Time display at Busaras Luas stop. Who needs to know when the next tram is coming anyway on such a fine day as this?

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13 thoughts on “Destination: Pid

  1. Disgruntled Internet User

    Oh wah, woe is me. Seriously get over yourself, clearly a technical problem which could have been rectified 30 seconds after this photo was taken. Total Non-Story

    1. Fully Keen

      But is you waiting for a tram?

      Life is but moments. And your moment is not my moment. Dairy milk moments are my favourite moments. Followed closely by a moment at bedtime.


      Moment looks weirder and weirder the more you type it.

  2. dav

    In fairness, is there any sort of editorial decision made before something is posted to BS?
    If not, I’ve an interesting piece of sweetcorn that has travel through my body in one piece, to post

    1. Slightly Bemused

      thanks, Murtles. that’s exactly what I did, which allowed me a lovely few minutes in the sun. I was in no rush, and could not help singing Destination Anywhere (by Niamh Kavanagh and featured in The Commitments) while I idled my time.

      oh, and I did report it so it could be repaired so people who do rely on it could benefit :-)

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