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Festival Playlister by Expedia

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Alex Cassidy writes:

I just wanted to let you know about our latest project that you may find interesting, as it creates ready-made Electric Picnic playlists from every year it has existed.

The project in question is our Festival Playlister, a fully interactive tool that enables you to search for any music festival in the world, past and present, and create a Spotify playlist based around it. Above is Electric Picnic 2016’s ready-made, playlist.

We also have the festival’s playlists going back to the inaugural event in 2004, which means that you can explore the entire artistic history of the last 12 years. Just search Electric Picnic in the main page search bar and select which year you’d like, Here’s 2006 for you to check out, too…

Festival Playlister

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6 thoughts on “The Picnic Basket

  1. 21secondstogo

    This is great. Nice work.

    Here’s an idea for your next project: I’ve always wanted a way to enter into spotify a month and year and find out what I was mostly listening to back then. Any chance you could magic up that feature? :)

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