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        1. _d_a_n_

          The pictures can be scraped from Daft, or uploaded to daft then taken and uploaded somewhere else. The pink buttons and the price in the corner of the picture are not the same as the daft app or website. neither is the font or the numbers under the gallery. It doesn;t look like daft to me.

    1. louislefronde

      Ah, the Irish property con-job is gaining steam…. Maybe it’s time to refer a complaint against Nama and some other companies Ireland including some of the large estate agents to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission under Section 4(1) of the Competition Act for Price Fixing, Supply restriction and market distortion

  1. Jonjo

    Places like this could work if they were designed correctly. I remember seeing a program on Channel 4 (may have been Amazing Spaces) and nearly everything folded up into the walls to leave quite a large sitting room. At night you put the sofa away and pull your bed down from the wall.

    Think it was smaller than this room but looked much better.

      1. Jonjo

        Yeah, that’s the one I saw before. Has everything you’d need and is a cool little space.

        But if that was in Dublin, they’d want €1400 a month for it as it’s unique and funky.

  2. Junkface

    When are they just going to rent out coffins? That’s the way its going in Ireland.

    “Rent a coffin, easy access. Stands neatly against any wall. Compact and cosy. Its an investment because it will save you money and hassle when you die of serious illness due to inabilty to afford healthcare after working 30 years in crushing modern Ireland.”

  3. Diddy

    €1050 for a Room in a flat in north strand today. Not the whole flat a ROOM. In north strand. This is madness.

    1. anyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I like your style, Neilo. Tilting at windmills.
      Go on, blame your browser or your phone. HA!

  4. blueswannabe

    Thought there had to be a corridor between a kitchen and toilet as far as I remembered, if that’s still the case this isn’t only profiteering, it’s illegal as it seems the only thing separating the toilet from the food preparation area is a door. I’m sure some architect here will confirm or set me straight…

    1. Cian

      it depends, if both kitchen and toilet (with doors) are off the main room, then the main room is your corridor. I always understood the rule to be two doors between food prep and toilet.

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